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Worried I have I think protein in then urine ( white flake with a little blood

Hi everyone I’m really worried right now the last time when I when to see my new dr 3 months ago he said that my kidney function when up to gfr 75 which is great I felt really happy but today I gone to the bathroom twice And randomly check my urine and seem white flake with a little blood it has me worried I suppose to see my dr next week can someone tell does it mean that my kidney function when down again or if is it because today I didn’t drink lots of water plzz thank u🙏🏻

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Hi, not a doctor but think it could be many things. I suggest you have a ruined test before you see doctor so you will have results. I think I would call and ask to have bloodwork done and urine sample.


hi you have good kidney function but blood in urin is a no no..need mlre investigation on bladder and kidneys and blood presure..find a recomended specialist to investigate these..all the baest take care ....chris


Thankz I have ckd and when I drink water it when alway I guess maybe was because I was dehydrated I’m going to see my dr next week


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