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Still really worried because of protein in the urine !!!


Hi this is my second time writing about this I when to a new kidney doctor two days ago and didn't had such great news my gfr when From 55 to 52 and I had protein in the urine which I never had before but my main concern is that this new doctor wants to change my blood pressure med to another one because of the protein and I feel that I shouldn't bcuz my old doctor didn't really change anything so this has me worried I feel like I should take the test again and then he will decide there but what calms me down is that I made a new appointment with my old doctor can u guys tell me wat u think plzzzz

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I am worried about the protein also, wish someone would tell us how to lower protein levels.I think there is a way to do it but how? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

sometimes you can develop allergies etc to tablets & there are also new pills all the time for bp coming forward my husband had his bp pills changed lots of times its worth changing if your consultant wants you to try something different your gfr can vary slightly from day to day so your blood would be slightly different anyway unfortunately you cant stop the leak of protein in your bloods from the kidneys yourself the new bp drugs your consultant wants to try might be to help that please go along with his advice that is their job to do all they can do to stop or slow down further deterioration x

I had my blood pressure pills changed because my old ones were damaging my kidneys and made my egfr drop so I'm glad I changed.....

...also, I hear Tolvaptin is used by some to help reduce kidney function might be worth asking about this.....

Morning Jennifer

Protein in the urine suggests it is being leaked by the nephrons in the kidney. It causes frothy urine and oedema ( swelling in the body) usually ankles first. I don't know of anything physically you can do yourself to lower this. Eating a higher protein diet will help reduce the fluid retention (oedema). A different doctor may have a newer approach. Speak to the older one you trust, he may agree with the change in medication. It sounds like it may be time to review your medication. Your gfr is still ok, you may continue like this for a long time. Take care.


I would follow the advice of the new doctor. Change can be good for your I've learned the hard way. It was my "new" doctor that finally did the test and talked to me about the kidney issues that have gone on for years.

As a diabetic I was on metformin for quite a few years my kidneys started to deteriorate and was still given metformin I moved so had to change doctors. The first thing he did was stop the metformin my kidneys were already at 29 and went up to 31 only a tiny improvement but it has held steady now for nearly 4 years. I would definitely go with the new doctor if the meds don't work you can discuss it and maybe go back to the old med or even yet another one.

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Ok thankz I will keep that in mind

Is your age 24 ?

my worry is protein in urine at the age 24 .....

what is BP now?

do u know the correct blood pressure u should have ?

how do u know it is protein in urine , did the test result say that ?Or does it say protein + OR protein +++

Dont get alarmed . ask your so called doctor

life is not to worry over illneses.


No im 29 and have a kidney transplant for 16 years I recently reach to stage 3 from being on stage 2 for 15 years but I'm worried that there was protein in the urine I never had it before I been stable for 8 months but I change doctors and my first time meeting him and my gfr when from 55 to 52 and protein in the urine and he already wanted to change my blood preassure med which got me even more worried

Also my blood preassure is ok 117/80

Hi Jennifer, do you know what was the ammount of the protein?

blood pressure goe below normal with certain drugs,neprologist cannot do much about it tell your cardiologist,

my Bp went below with new anti hypertensive drugs , it came down to 97, so give up those strong drugs till u meet the Doc.

What blood pressure drugs are not good for kidneys ?

I have no idea I just ask bcuz I drink. Norvasc and now my new dr wants to change it because he saw protein in the urine and I'm kind of worried about the new bp med his giving me bcuz he says it raises the potassium and that's not gd for the kidneys especially bcuz I have a kidney transplant so I'm worried that's the reason why I'm gonna go to my old doctor to see wat he thinks


Ho Jennifer, tranquila!!....hay medicamentos que tambien ayuda a bajar la proteinuria en la orina, por ejemplo el lozartan de 50mg, preguntale a tu nefrologo tratante, que es para bajar la presion arterial. Si esta la tienes normal, te sugiero que el medicamento lo tomes en la noche, para asi estar bien durante el dia!!!

Tiene probado el aceite de coco??

Salud, Chicho

Everyone that has proteinuria should have their thyroids checked for nodules and get a thyroid bloodwork panel done. Also get checked for thyroid antibodies (TPO and TG) There is a direct connection from thyroid to kidneys. Make sure your thyroid is healthy. Many doctors don’t know this! Google it!

Also don’t drink alcohol, smoke or drink caffeinated drinks if you have a problem with your kidneys....even if you don’t have a problem! Also eat a good diet with lots of fruit and veggies!

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