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Just Diagnosed and have so many questions!

I was just diagnosed with CKD and have a a GFR of around 50. I'm 39 yrs old and have no other known medical issues; don't smoke or drink and was fairly active up until about a month ago. I'm a little worried, as I had learned that in addition to my right kidney being "diseased" (doctor's words), my left one shows shrinkage and "multiple punctate calcifications". I'm so tired and out of breath, experience nausea, have mild headaches, and have a strange twinge in my side (it feels like a baby when it kicks while you're pregnant); not sure if that is related to the kidney or not, but it just started happening soon before my diagnosis. I don't see a doctor for another week (I was diagnosed at the hospital when visiting the ER and receiving a CT scan). I have so many questions! Are my symptoms related to CKD? Does it sound like I have TWO bad kidneys and if so, does that mean that I will lose function at a faster rate? Do I have to change what I eat? What can help with this fatigue? I just want to be healthy for my little girl...I get so tired and feel like I can't keep up with her some times. :(

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Hi, first I am sorry you are going through this. Some of the things you mentioned I have read are related to CKD. My brother had some, he also had uncontrollable twitching/ flinching. Please keep pursuing answers.


there ia good link for u , browse for that n get more information,its better u swich to vegi diets, do not eat high potaasium fruits, eat a h,green apple every day,give up eating meat,

My GFR is now 34 age 73, do not worry over the problem, did u under go for a ultrasound scan of the kidneys ? what the report ays ? , are the kidneys damaged?

Are the electrolytes are within normal values ?

calceration can be removed, do as what doctors say , give up all prosessed foods

wish u recover soon


Hi Earlylight - I believe you should get on to the DaVita website - it's a great help.


Hi Earlylight,

I know you feel like panicking as we all did when we got the news, but you have time so don't allow yourself to worry as that only makes it worse. (easier said than done, right?)

In any case, you still have lots of function at 50 GFR. Every case with kidney disease is different so it is best not to take too much advice from all of us until you find out exactly what is going on with you. Wait to speak with your doctor before making drastic changes. If it was urgent, they would have kept you in the hospital. Trauma and inflamation can cause your GFR to raise and lower so being that you were in the hospital, your GFR would likely drop if you are experiencing any kind of current infection. They will want to see if it goes back up again in a few weeks.

There are different types of kidney disease and different causes for each type so there is no one size fits all for this disease. Here is a comprehensive list kidney.nyc/types-of-kidney-...

Write all your questions down and go over them one by one with your doctor. I hope they are sending you to a nephrologist . If not, request that you see one. They will probably run some more blood tests. They might wait for a month or two and give you another blood test and see if the results change, or they may want to do an ultrasound or a biopsy to determine more information.)

Make sure to ask if they need to test for blood in urine (hematuria) and for protein in urine (proteinuria). These are signs of a condition called nephritis which causes inflamation of the kidneys and can cause scarring. I'm not sure, but it sounds like it might also be early formation of kidney stones. They need to define what "multiple punctate calcifications' exactly is for you. It's annoying when a doctor throws something like that out and doesn't tell you what it means. Nothing like leaving you hanging!

Also, make sure to keep note of your blood pressure. Discuss with your doctor about buying a home monitor as they are inexpensive, and take it every few days or so to make sure it is stable. My bp ended up going from low to high blood pressure during the year following my diagnosis- This is common for all types of kidney disease. However, again, it may not be an issue for you.

Try to enjoy this special time of the year with your little girl. They grow up so fast and the holidays are such magical times with them. A week will fly by and you will have more answers soon.

Keep us posted. Once you get a diagnosis, there will probably be people on this forum with the same diagnosis or there will be a facebook group you can join. Then you can get better advice on diet, exercise etc.


hi early light.been in your position for a long time and have ended up having a transplant..when i felt tired my kidney egfr was under 20..so figures dont add up to me..i think it would pay you to see a private specialist before things change..if you do have 50 egfr then its not bad but needs looking after.to last a long time...dont get fobbed of get the doctor to refer you to ..a top specialst...

probably the best advice i can give..take care ..happy new year.


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Anemia and low Hemoglobin, among other things, can be a cause of fatigue.

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