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I'm stage4 how did I get here ?


My my name is Marge this is the best web site I've found for kidney disease .So glad I found it.

This pass July I was diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease 2 months later I'm stage 4 I don't know how it changed so fast.

I have had high blood pressure for 55 years .

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 ,for the first few years I took metformin 1000 mg twice daily and watched the sugar and salt.Then kidneys started to show changes in the lab work then they lowered the medformin to 500 MG twice daily ,they were watching the kidneys numbers slowly getting worse.

The lab work this July 30 th was down to 35 per cent kidneys were working and creatinine was 1.70 .I was told that I was now at chronic stage 3 kidney disease .At hearing this I became stressed,depressed some anxiety.

Two months later Sept 27 th lab work was stage 4 creatinine was 1.92 kidneys now working at 25 per cent

My DR. made a referral to DR. of nephrologist to get me in the system '

I met with the DR. of nephrologist last week he spent an hour with me was good explaining everything , he added one new drug to the ones I already take hydrocholothrazide 12.5 MG once daily He told me to stop taking aleve as it is hard on the kidneys. He said to take Tylenol instead. DR. also ordered lab work next week to see if new med helps.

Last Jan I had an massive hemorrhage of my left eye was blind in that eye for 3 weeks then had 2 surgery's and shots in eye ball I have some damage in the eye but see pretty good again. They seem to think that the high blood pressure and diabetes caused it.

The meds I now take are

hydrochlorothiaz 12.5 MG 1 daily

hydralazine 50 MG 3 daily

losartan 100 MG 1 daily

metoprolol tartate 100 MG 2 daily

simvastatin 20 MG 1 bedtime

metformin 500 MG twice daily

protonx 40 MG till they change it to something else .

I didn't mention that my age is 83 otherwise healthy

I have been following you for the last couple on months ,and receive your daily email mails Its good to know I'm not alone .


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Welcome MSTAUF to this forum. You will find much support and information here. I am 76 year old male and diagnosed at stage 3 b CKD about 2 years ago. I had no high blood pressure nor diabetes. There are many ways to get this Chronic Kidney Disease. I was taking an arthritis medicine Mobic and too was told not to take NSAIDS anymore and to only take Tylenol. I was prescribed a non statin for high Cholesterol (zetia). Doctor prescribed a pre-dialysis diet , which have been on since diagnosis. It has helped to slow down any progression. My GFR levels have decreased but back to what originally diagnosed at. (There is a GFR test and and eGFR which could account for differences. ) We are all on our CKD journey.

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Thanks hoping for some good lab results looks like I need to watch my diet.


Mstauf, I am not here to preach. I am an 76 year old lady. Cancer took my right kidney and I fought 4 types of cancer. CKD is basically in time you will go on dialysis. To prevent that you must become a healthy YOU. Type 2 diabetes and High BP can be controlled in most HEALTHY People. It is never to late to become a healthy YOU. I do WW on line and I have also been able to control my AFIB condition by becoming healthy. There are many groups out here that will share tips and hints and helpful notes. XXOO Buddygramma


Thanks i'M reading posts on here everyday ,So glad that there are great sites like this.

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PS I just found this great site. Many questions answered. Kidneyschool.org ! Try it

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This is a great site! Thanks so much.

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Thank you I'm going to check it out right now.

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