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Worrying symptoms developing over last few days (re: Hydronephrosis and Stent in right kidney/ureter)

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Hi All,

Just looking for a bit of advice/reassurance. I know visiting the GP is the thing to do but appointments are scarce so while I wait I thought I would ask about others experience.

I had a period of unplanned hospital stay because of lower abdominal pain with turned out to be hydronephrosis of my right kidney due to a narrowing of the ureter at the Pelvic Ureteral Junction.

Following lots of pain killers, antibiotics, drips and other delightful medication, a CT scan with contrast and a nuclear scan I was fitted with a Ureteral Stent as a temporary measure until I could be seen by a urologist at another hospital to proceed with pyeloplasty (taking out the thin bit of ureter and stitching me back up).

I have now been at home and signed off work for two weeks and was on antibiotics for the first 5 days. My condition improved after the first week and I even managed to walk half a mile down the road for a fireworks display on the 5th but since about the middle of last week (I think Wednesday evening) I have started to deteriorate again, with some new and quite upsetting symptoms.

I have started to lose weight, although not at a massively alarming rate, I have lost 7lbs since the onset of my problem, which was 3.5 weeks ago. My appetite is fine though.

I have had pain in my right side, which is to be expected and often get pain when I go for a wee, also expected. However I have also pain in my right leg, sometimes just down to the knee, but sometimes in my calf too. I can only describe the pain as a cramping sensation, which is something I haven't been previously experiencing.

I have also had nausea and on a couple of occasions, sickness and diarrhea, though I suppose these could be unlinked.

The worst and most upsetting of the 'new' symptoms is a feeling of tightness in my chest and struggling to breathe. This caused a somewhat unpleasant panic attack on Friday evening whilst I was visiting my parents and my poor old mum called an ambulance. I know that this could be anxiety related as I do suffer with GAD and have medication for it but I'm a little worried that things might be escalating in the Kidney department.

Has anyone else suffered unpleasant stent symptoms other than those previously advised by your GP or consultant?

I have my consultation with the Urologist in December then will need to wait some more for the operation so I want to try to manage my symptoms as best I can before then.

Thanks all

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kidneys effect your heart shortniss of breath is going apart wbith you heart

Hi, I am not really knowledgeable on hers conditions. I recently had a 6 mm kidney stone that was in my ureter. I had outpatient surgery...I was in a great deal of discomfort, my doctor was going on vacation and wanted me taken care of. 2 days after seeing the stone on a CAT, had surgery but had passed the stone. My doctor looked at kidney. My numbers had been low and he feels the stone had been in there for awhile causing damage. He put in a stint. It has made me go more than ever in my life..I am also drinking st least 100 ounces of water a day. I recently had an apt. for possible removal of stint...yuck, but I asked if I could keep it. He was a bit surprised but was more than glad to leave it. I rarely feel any discomfort, but I know some do. Honestly if me, and all those symptoms, I would not wait to go to doctor. Those are pretty major symptoms. I am not trying to scare you, but sounds like your body is telling you something. I would sure call and be seen. Greatest of luck to you!!

Hugs Babe, Try to take one day at a time. We are blessed with great medical wisdom out there. It can be a long process or not. However, worrying will not change it. Been there done that many times, I quit counting. Today, I am now 76 and I feel great !! I live on lake Ontario in NY. I get to walk, ride my bike, garden, kayak and enjoy each day. Even in the winter I get out there and walk.

I have been through it all, But I am now a healthy me. Lost weight and get to a healthy ME. I know I am going to make it to 100. Try to relax, worrying will not make it go away. Feel blessed that it is you and not one of your loved one.

Hang in there, you, too, can do this !! XXOO Buddygramma

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I feel that you are an amazing woman and a role model for all women!

Half of the battle is eating healthy and keeping yourself as positive and active as possible..even if you just take a walk.

Sally and all other women..heed this advice !

Kudos and hugs..


Hi there I don’t think I can be of much help but I have exactly the same hydro as you and have had stents before. Nausea is constant for me and I get bad stomach too. I get pain in my other kidney which is been seen on scans as all ok too. If you ever want to talk feel free to message me as it’s really hard to find adults going through the same hydro as it’s commonly in children x

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