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Is Stage 3 CKD serious?

Hello when I was diagnosed of CKD stage 3 last year I was told that it was nothing to worry about and it was very common, I received a letter from my Dr's surgery inviting me for flu vaccine, decided to ring to find out why as I also have hypothyroidism but had never had vaccine for it. They told me it was because of my kidneys, I am very confused as was told not to worry about the CKD. Should I be worried any help appreciated thank you.

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Hi, worrying won't help a bit. You should be concerned. I've lost count of the number of people here who have said that they weren't told right away, including me, or were told not to worry about it. Finding out is a critical point for the patient.

Try doing some online research and learn as much as you can about CKD so that you will ease your mind and allow you to ask intelligent questions.

Coming here often and sharing your story and listening to others will remind you that you are not alone. Welcome to the club.


Thank you for answering Mr Kidney I wasn't worried just confused as was told it was not serious I had been wondering why I was invited for the flu vaccine and when I phoned to find out why they told me because of kidneys why tell you not to be worried then the mind boggles x

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I have often asked myself why doctors don't say something when they get the lab values. Had I known earlier I could have gone on a kidney-friendly diet much sooner and delayed the progression to Stage 3, where I now am. It's not up to the doctor(s) to tell me what to worry about. That decision is mine alone and not theirs. Giving me the information as soon as they get the results is to be shared immediately with me and not to blow it off as being "nothing to worry about."

I've spent countless hours online researching CKD and trying to learn as much as I can to be prepared for whatever comes down the road. By doing that I am able to eliminate a lot of worries and it allows me to sleep better.

That doesn't mean I'm not concerned about having CKD and possibly, eventually ESRD, it just means that I'm looking at everything and making an informed choice when options are presented to me. I've made a number of changes already to my care team and will continue to do so if I run into a situation with a doctor who thinks that s/he knows whats best for me.

Sorry if I sound like I'm on a soapbox but I absolutely resent it when I hear someone say that their doctor told them either: not to worry OR don't be concerned, OR it's too early OR nothing serious, OR whatever else they tell their patients who look to them for timely and truthful information along with some comforting words at this important time. How hard would it be to print up a card stock with either phone numbers or URLs for The National Kidney Foundation, The American Association of Kidney Patients, Davita, and Fresenius just to get started in educating themselves on their CKD?

Bottom line you can be proactive and slow the progression down. I've made 4 changes with my PCP, severed ties with a hematologist and I'm on my second nephrologist and am finally at a place where I am confident and satisfied with the care team I've put together. Add to that team a Renal Dietitian, a Retinal Specialist, and a Podiatrist. I also have hypertension controlled by one 10 mg pill and diet and exercise. My Type 2 diabetes is also controlled by diet and exercise, no more pills. If I can do it anyone can. Good luck to you and remember... YOU ARE IN CHARGE!


Thank you Mr Kidney so glad to hear you have taken control and are keeping well, I can see now that I am going to have to do research and educate myself x


Mr Kidney: Well stated. Many have same story. Hard telling why Doctors see it differently. Main thing is we were able to find Doctors who diagnosed us correctly. There are also so many resources for us. Thanks for the post.


You are so smart and so informative!!! Thank you!!!


if your thyroid gland does not produce sufficient thyroxine, u can take thyroxine tablets after proper examination,

Dont go by CKD stage , u have not mentioned your age ,gender and Gfr,

That is glomerular filtration rate.Go to link "Da vita filtration calculator " u can get more information

what is your serum creatinine level ?

my Gfr is 31 age 73 , male , Asian,

Avoid potassium rich foods , go vegitarian , do not eat red meat

Hope u will write me back



Hi kithsirid, I am currently on 50 mcg levothyroxine am female aged 52 white....I don't know what my Gfr is will find out next week as I have to go to see my Dr as my cholesterol has also came back high.

Thanks for replying.


Mr Kidney: Very well stated. Hard to determine why some Doctors do not recognize CKD levels the same, and do hear of many in this situation. Main thing we both did get new Doctors who diagnosed us properly. Great are so many resources for us. Your posts are very helpful.


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