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I have been taking Ramipril for about year. I started with 2.5mgs and all seemed OK until recently when my blood pressure was starting to creep up, so my GP upped the dose to 5 mgs, It did get a bit lower and is now in the high 140s, my Dr wasn't happy with the figures so has upped it to 7.5mgs.

Whilst on the lower dose of 2.5mgs my kidney function was 44 and had risen from 38. which I was quite pleased with, however a recent GFR and since taking the higher dose it was back to 38.

I am a bit concerned about taking yet another higher dose to 7.5mgs but my GP said to give it a try and go back in 2 weeks for another blood test, I know I need to keep my b/pressure in control but I'm worried about my kidneys. [ vicious cycle ]

I'm wondering if I could take 5mgs at AM and the other 2.5mgs at PM. as I did find that my b/pressure gets higher as the day went on to the evening, has anyone here split their dose? something perhaps I need to ask the Dr. ? I always think of things after I leave the surgery , I need to write these things down.

I always take my B/P readings before I take my Meds. in the morning.

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Hi again bowler, I do so understand your concern and disappointment at your eGFR suddenly reducing back down again.

As far as splitting your dose of Ramipril is concerned, it might help you to know that when they doubled my dose of Losartan to 100mg, I split it 50mg am and 50mg pm. The registrar at one of my appointments said I should take it all in one go in the morning but when I mentioned it to the lead renal consultant he said that it didn't really make much difference. I think he was just trying not to disagree with his registrar! I remembered that when I was at a previous appointment with him when he first suggested thinking about doubling the dose, he did suggest I split it because he knows of my drug intolerances and obviously thought it might be better for me to split the doses

Interestingly, during a couple of days in hospital over the weekend (see my update post earlier tonight!), on admittance my BP was 220/100, but over the couple of days they recorded low readings the like of which I have never seen before! I guess I was not so uptight about having it taken as at those times when I am psyching myself up for a planned trip to the hospital for monitoring!

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Hello again Celtic

Thanks for your info on the split dosing of b/pressure meds. I started my higher dose of Ramipril, yesterday and I have split the dose, so will see how that goes.

Fancy your b/pressure being so high, the white coat syndrome always happens to me also, that's why I check mine at home, you say it went much lower after a time as you wasn't getting hyped up over it, it's not surprising that people are given b/pressure meds when not needed.

Take care,



Good luck with splitting the Ramipril dose, bowler. The best news would be your eGFR increasing again.

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you better consult a Cardiologist


It would be fine to split the dose my husband did he developed an allergy to Ramipril even though he took it for a few years he was swopped to candesartan so if you think thats causing problems there are others they can try also my husband always had to take his BP about an hour or so after taking his BP pills not before! BP can fluctuate greatly throughout the day!

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When my partners gfr started dropping the neph switched ramprill for canderstaten? Sp. He was always told shen taking it that it is not good for kidneys but the gp but was the only option. Whoch we found out later was not correct. He usedd to split all his bp medication it uelsed to be too much on one go otherwise


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