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I recently had a blood test and my doctor phoned me today with the results. It appears I have kidney disease my blood test was just a bit low. She said it could be my age and I won't need dialysis. When I go for my other prescription she will give me something for it then. I would just like any comments from people in the same position and to see what they done to help.

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My doctors have told me that no treatment is needed until your readings are down to 10-15 and as mine were 25 and now 31 I just carry on as normal. I would not know there was anything wrong exept for blood tests. I am now 73 and it's been like this for about 5 years. Wait until you see your doctor and you find out more I am sure if you need some treatment you will get it, she has already said you don't need dialysis and told you to wait until you go for your prescriptions so she is not treating you as an emergency. You could ask her about diet when you see her as the right diet can help.


Rosabeth. Is spot on my reading are 40 -42 can go up and down just carry on as normal ask about your diet take your precptions I have been like this up and down the last 4-5years think positive rest when you need to I am 76 years young hope this helps


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