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GFR 58

17 years ago I had a hernia done that went wrong. And for 17 years I have been fighting abscesses , infections and now lots of pain. Doctors kept telling me that just deal with it and I would have to take antibiotics for rest of my life. Now this surgeon what's to remove screen and not put one in and not sew me up because now I'm prone to staph infections which I got from the operation 17 years ago. Just keep packing it till it heals. He wants a Ct scan done so ordered blood work which the only thing highlighted was GFR 58. Can I get the Ct done when your GFR is a 58. By the way this surgeon doesn't talk to you only at you and never does he answer a question I have asked. I know get another in one which I have tried but now in in serve pain and can't straighten up at times. I'm taking something called buscom which helps stops the spasms. Theses spasms are increasing to a few times a day. I don't even know what part is spasming. Could all this affect my kidneys? Could it bring my GFR to 58?

Please don't ask me to talk to my doctors. The surgeon won't talk to me about anything. My family doctor just tells me when it gets bad go the the emergency. The er treats you like your a basket case What do I do? I'm in so much pain and I feel very heavy ad pressure and burning in groin area. My hernia is disgusting looking its the size of a grape fruit but shaped like a football on left side. I have a open wound that drains all the time. Which feels like the screen had scratched open and now I'm losing kidney function. I live in Canada every other place thinks we have amazing heath care. We did but now you can't find a doctor who cares about you

Everything I read on line says that leaving it till it causes pain means otherOrgans are Being hurt and basically survival rate is hurt a lot. I need help to understand this GFR 58 can be fixed if i follow a diet or is it going to get worse in time no matter what I do? I don't want to worry My family but I'm really scared that I'm either going to die on the table when they decide to operate or die from kidney failure and no medical people will help me. Any information you have would be a help to me

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Hi and Welcome.

First, about your GFR. A good, honest doctor will tell you that you are in the early stages of CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease). The good news is that you are high enough that it may be just a short term drop. Have your labs done again in 60 days. To be safe you can help by doing several things right now. Stop smoking (if you do), don't drink to excess, keep a low sodium diet and in general be mindful of what you eat.

I can't speak to your doctor's attitude but if it were me, I'd get a second, third, fourth and tenth opinion before I put up with the ones you're seeing now. But that's me.


Trust me I have been waiting for an referral because this surgeon is rude and arrogant

The problem is now I'm in so much pain it's really hard to wait and and I'm doing more damage waiting. I'm getting really scared

With everything I read on this. And now with s kidney problem I'm more scared.i will get it redone in 60 days. Thank you for your help


Hi, my last gfr was 22 and I had a CT scan done a few weeks ago. My doctor said that at my age,63, a gfr of 60 would be good so I wouldn't worry too much on that count. Good luck.

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Hi Pinky,

I'm so sorry for all your pain. I will send out prayers and good thoughts for you.

You asked "could all of this be affecting my kidneys?" The answer is yes. Any type of illness or infection can drop your GFR while you are going through it. Many times it will bounce back up once the issue is resolved. At one point I had a GFR of 51. I asked my doctor about it and he said a variety of things could affect it and not to worry. He would not have even mentioned it to me if I had not brought it up. Generally doctors see anything around 60 or above as normal since a variety of things can affect the GFR short term. Mine has since risen back up into the 80s, but dropped to 70 when I had a case of the shingles, then went back up once cleared.

Medication can also cause damage. The damage caused by medication is not generally as reversible as the damage caused by infection. painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen can cause severe damage to the kidneys. The drug of choice for kidney patients is tylonol. I'm sure that isn't easy hearing this since you are in extreme pain, but I would check the warnings on all your medications and see what they say regarding kidney.

Perhaps look for a holistic doctor. They probably won't be covered under your insurance, but might have suggestions for your pain and supplements to support your organs so you can get through the procedures you need to do to get well.


you will be fine to have a ct scan if they use dye drink plenty to flush it out thats awful that you have gone through all this sounds very negligent maybe the infection is trapped in there different thing i know but a friend i know had an operation on her ankle & she kept having antibiotics in the end they opened it up again & put a drain in it healed great after that maybe thats the thinking of it sounds awful for you though x

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