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I have one kidney non functioning and have had very high BP 213/110. Since April. GP says it's my age (64) can it be caused by kidney ?

Born with a sponge kidney and had a life time of kidney stones and infections. Hospitalised last year with septicaemia, left kidney gave up & due to be removed in 2 weeks but BP too high. Doc just tries different tablets some with bad side effects. Also have bad headaches.

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Your headaches are the result of the high bp causing pressure build up in your head. I assume you are now in the care of a specialist renal team. It may be that removal of the bad kidney will settle things.

I can imagine how bad you feel right now and hope you get some relief soon. If a crisis develops you will need immediate admission, not a 2 week wait.


Thank you so much, I have now lost faith in my GP after 6 months of this problem he is suddenly aware that op can't go ahead with high BP & just trying very high doses of medication. The last causing palpitations, racing pulse & dizziness. Not good as I have had a bi-femoral Aorta bypass.

I will ask today for a referral back to my Renal consultant


Sorry but your GP needs shooting. He should be well aware of the limitations that his treatment can offer and should have already referred you to a specialist in the field.

I had a GP treating me with different meds for ages, but fortunately he at least recognised when things got serious and did get me referred. In my case it was straight into hospital. It might not have got that far with specialist intervention earlier. Do you know what your creatinine level is. From that you can tell the effectiveness of your kidneys. I hope your GP has already referred you to a renal team. He is dangerous if he has not.


Hi, really sorry you are having a bad time. Just a note about the headaches - although they may well be down to high BP, there may be other causes. I was referred to a neurologist due to incessant headaches and he said its either migraine or severe tension headaches because I was worrying about my health! My BP is normal. Since taking his advice, which was to put some routine in my life with regular meals and water, never miss breakfast and try to get up and go to bed and fairy regular times, the headaches have reduced considerably. I hope your GP listens to your concerns and takes some action.


Thanks for your thoughts, however since seeing a different GP on Friday her opinion is that the sudden high doses of medication for BP are causing the headaches, as well as other nasty side effects!

My BP went sky high about the same time as my kidney stopped functioning so I still have an idea that the two are linked somehow.

I'm not at all worried about having the kidney out on the contrary, knowing that a lifetime of pain from kidney stones is at an end, is something I am looking forward to, thus dispelling any thoughts of tension causing the headaches. I will take your lifestyle advise tho, again many thanks


So glad the new GP seems to have a good idea of what's going on for you. BP and kidney problems are definitely linked, though everyone will be affected differently. I really hope you have a successful removal of the problem kidney and can get back to enjoying life. Good luck!


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