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Looking for Info. Just Diagnosed.


Hi. just had blood work done. test results showed right at 60 stage 3 renal disease. avoid metformin and NSAID's. nurse said to only water and no salt should be fine. said it should go away. I live in a small town and on medicaid. no mention of what to eat and what not to eat. I went back there and asked about what I have read about this not being reversible and other things I have found out. Was told not to believe what I read on the internet. I've had pains in my kidney area of and on for years ignored them. Have extremely bad arthritis. Seems like the arthritis is getting worse. Can someone tell me if it could be from kidney disease. Thanks.

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I am 77 and on Medicare and there are now more Medicare protocols Doctors follow. Davita web site has some recipes for CKD Non dialysis. (you have to select that feature) also there is menu tracking giving info on target for sodium, phosphorus and potassium. It will give you some ideas. Too bad your Nurse did not give you any guidlines. Some Doctors might think nothing needs to be done by protocol, until you reach a certain level. Best to be proactive for yourself, especially in todays Medicare world.

thank you for your response. I have visited that website and have used some of those recipes. I'm going back to the doctor today to ask if my increased arthritis pain is due to the kidney disease. Seems like every time I do any activity, the bone pain is intense for a day or two. And now I can't take any Advil or alieve for the pain. I'm also diabitic with right heart failure. I have found a lot of useful information on this site from people with the same problems.

YOu are welcome. I have osteoarthritis and use salon pas patches and when not working for me, I use aspercreme

Sdtagoo in reply to orangecity41

Salon Pas patches ORC work wonders for me.

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Agreed! Well stated! 👍

I thought 60 was normal?? All the blood work I've ever had done has eGFR values set at 60-120 for the NORMAL range??

I am on Metformin for insulin resistance for the past three years. It is critical for me and has not compromised my CKD stage 3b.

I take basaglar and victoza insulin. was also taking metformin. I have been very strict on my diet since diagnosis. Davita Website's recipes has helped out a lot. blood sugar has stayed under 200. but kidneys still hurt. I asked an online doctor about GFR being just above 60 and still being diagnosed at stage 3 and was told that other factors on my blood test determined me being classified at stage 3. I have had severe arthritis for almost 30 yrs and at one point was taking a lot of nsaid's everyday. At the time, I did'nt know I was Diabetic and had Kidney problems. BC powder, Aleive, Ibuprofen, tylenol, nothing helped. On most mornings, I would throw up blood. Doctor never tested me for Kidney problem. Just said I probally had ulcer. this went on for a year. Did not associate that with kidney problems until recently. I've done a little research and found out that CKD can cause bone pain. Any time I do any Physical activity, the pain level spikes up very intensely. Finding out the best way to deal with this is to diet and find out as much information on my own that I can.

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