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My Doctor has recommended I move to these rather than Metformin as my HbA1c levels haven’t lowered (58) for 18 months despite exercise and sensible diet.

I’ve read up on these but would appreciate any experiences on this forum. Thank you.

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I'd never heard of them and my Hba1c levels have been too high for years! Thanks for raising this, they sound promising. I'll have to look into this in more detail and discuss at my next review.

Hi Heavyfoot

I've been on the dapagliflozin for about a year now,

I'm on metformin along with this.

I've found them to be pretty good at keeping my numbers in check. ( I've even lost about 10lb )

My doctor seems pretty happy with the results.

Just make sure you don't skip any meals!

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HeavyFoot in reply to mrdarcy1

Many thanks for the information Mrd1. Personal experience is good to read.

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