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Metformin Recall

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Rosemont Pharmaceuticals is recalling some batches of Metformin. I am posting it as it is something easily missed. Please see:

8 Replies
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Thank you for sharing this information with everyone. Very interesting and helpful. :-)

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MichaelJH in reply to Activity2004

How's it going? I remember your posts in the "Positive Wellbeing During Self Isolation" forum.

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to MichaelJH

Everything is okay. Been having a small glitch with the new sensor before I went to bed last night, but it’s okay today.

With the link for the article about Metformin, why wasn’t it mentioned world wide?

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Thanks for this, it's a medicine that I'm prescribed!

It was in the Daily Mail yesterday and they claim it’s got a chemical once used as rocket fuel NDMA.

And your link verifies it MichaelJH so thank you as this is important for users to know.

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MichaelJH in reply to

Thank you for the reply. I always fact check anything like this before posting.

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If this is true, and I'm not disputing that it is, why am I reading about it on this forum and the Daily Mail, without for instance getting a bulletin through my door like the vaccine leaflet? The inference really would appear to be that some of the pharmaceutical industry ranks higher than the general population's health.

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When I was first diagnosed my dear husband came across some brilliant sensors you just stuck on and down loaded an app. When I researched them, sadly they often wouldn’t stick on fir long and people were buying a strap 🙄 Then they didn’t always work properly 😢😢 Sounded great 🤷🏼‍♀️

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