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It Worked!: DEXCOM

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Hi everyone,

Last night, I had changed the sensor from the last two weeks ago and inserted the newest one that started working before going to sleep. I'm so happy that the old sensor lasted as long as it was supposed to because there were some times when I thought it would fail on its own prematurely. I'm glad that I was wrong this time.

A few days ago, the sensor kept having some hiccups with no readings-- Sensor Error. When this happened, the lack of readings didn't last long so there weren't too many alarms going off-- except when the system was confused and thought I was lower than I really was. I only had to recalibrate one time to help it. The other times when the system was having issues, it recalibrated on its own and I just had to see if everything was okay. I always do a blood test before bedtime, so that's not any extra work to be done on my part.

The newest sensor has been working really well so far, but it was a little confused with the arrows when it first was inserted after the first few readings were showing up because it takes some time to get the system use to the person. Once everything is use to the person, it hopefully should work like clock work, but of course, that sometimes doesn't happen now and then, so you have to keep a close eye on the system for the first few hours. We'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Watch this page for more updates. Enjoy the rest of your week. Stay safe, happy and healthy.

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