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New Sensor Tonight: DEXCOM 6-13-2021

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Hi everyone. This evening, I changed the sensor from 10 days ago and inserted the new one in after dinner tonight.

Last night, when I was sleeping, the alarm went off on the receiver 3 times. One time was for no readings. One was from going down 3mg/dl at a time and the last time was for a snack before I went back to sleep because I was under 80 mg/dl.

After inserting the old sensor 10 days ago, it started having a little issue, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been after it started working.

While I’m typing this, I’m waiting for the 2 hour warm up period to be done this evening before I have to get ready for my bedtime snack tonight.

Watch this page for more updates coming soon! Have a good night.

Stay safe, happy and healthy!😀👍

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So sorry you have had so many issues , Ron😊😍

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Herman7275

Thank you for that. The new sensor woke me this morning since I was under 80 mg/dl today. I tested and it was 70 when the receiver said I was 78 angling down. Had some juice and a protein shake before breakfast.

I hope it gets better Leah!! 😊👍🌞🌈

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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Luna_Child

Thank you! So far so good! Not too bad today.😀👍

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