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Metformin and Covid patients


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Useful information. Thanks

It is a drug with a lot of extra benefits. Pity it has so many side effects

There are alternative treatment to Metformin if you check on line. I dont know if these work like Metformin appears to with Covid19.

I had one of the alternatives that also gave me stomach pains. It felt like I had another stomach ulcer.

Hi again, How long have you had diabetes 1 or 2? Are you on any other medication?

I was initially told that I was glucose intolerant in 2004. Then my GP said that expression was no longer to be used so I was then type 2. I more or less controlled it by diet. This year I was told that at 86 my HbAic of 69 is satisfactory for for my age. I'm rather taking that as a licence to indulge :-)

We saw a Road Runner when we were Florida.It was running ahead of the Greyhound Bus.

So you will have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for about 16 years now. .Well you sound as if you have been on Metformin for a long time and have experienced some of the side effects. It also appears you have decided not to stick with a boring diet and enjoy some more palatable food. I couldn't blame you.I am still pre diabetic and hope to stay that way. I believe the medication I take for a number of health problems has caused me to have kidney disease which is also linked to type 2 diabetes and neuropathy. If a disease doesn't get you the medication will!

Sorry to be so negative but what other choice do we have?

Keep safe and keep well.

I only actually took Metformin for about six weeks. I have neuropathy in my lower left leg caused by Fluourquinolones and Cipro prescribed for prostate infections .

Oh dear. Then it looks likely the Fluorquinolones or Cipro. caused your nerve damage. It can also cause low blood sugar. How are you managing at the moment? How are you being treated?

Basically flouroquinolone toxicity syndrome is not recognised by the medical profession and there is not really a diagnosis so there is not a treatment for its wide range of damage. Tendon damage is the big initial indicator. Of the many other problems some can hardly be distinguished from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) Strangely I had that in 1970 and for some time after when it was known as'Yuppie Flu' If you want to read about flouroquinolone damage Google 'Floxie Hope'

The European Medicines Agency had a conference in London with patients and doctors (some affected by it )

Miriam Knights contribution is worth listening to or reading. She was later invited by the MHRA to contribute to warnings on wording in patient information leaflets. Sadly much of her advice went unheeded.

I have had 3 different Encronoligist tell me Metformin is the best drug created in controlling your blood sugar and A1c. Other than diarrhea, I have not had any other side affects while using this drug. Not really sure what it is doing to my insides, if anything but it does help controlling my type 2 diabetes.

seasider18 in reply to Lpickett

My brother and sister in law had that problem and a neighbour used to say that he could never go out until lunchtime because of that

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