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Sleep, Insulin and Technology for People Living with Diabetes

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Hi everyone. Here are two articles and postings dealing with sleep, insulin and technology for people living with Diabetes to use. The first article was published on the website on December 16, 2019. The second article was published on the website and was written by: Moira McCarthy on October 5, 2020 — Fact checked by Maria Gifford. The other two links are postings that I had written recently also dealing with how being woken up at different times of the night/early morning hours for the last 6 days because of alarms going off.

"Lilly to Integrate Dexcom CGM into Personalized Diabetes Management System"

" Diabetes Device Fatigue"

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I hope that you get some answers to the problems you've been having with your DEXCOM so its promising that their trying to integrate systems that sounds good to me. 👍😊

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Yes, this came at the right time.😀👍🌈

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