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Update on the Sensors: DEXCOM


Hi everyone. Here’s two pictures I have taken recently. The picture of the receiver and my phone shows two different numbers from one night. At the same time, there was a third number that never showed up on either item, but it did on my parent’s phones. Not sure how that happened. This happened last week before I had a bedtime snack.

The second picture I took was from last night. That’s how the sensors look before insertion. This one got stuck on me and wouldn’t release from the holder after pushing the orange button. I will be sent 2 free sensors 3-7 days. I called last night and they never heard anything about odd numbers that aren’t the same. No calibration had been done at the time. There were some issues with the other sensor before the one that got stuck. The one that I had on before failed last night at 9:30 pm! It lasted 8 days almost! That’s a new record!

The newest sensor I’m using is doing okay so far. Hope this one will make it to the 10 days.

Please see: docs.google.com/document/d/...

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Hey this is bad news as you just aren’t getting on with the G6 so I am sorry Leah and good luck with this one. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

The sensor I put in before bed is doing great so far today. No worries, yet.😀👍🌈

Jerry in reply to Activity2004

Great news. 🌈👍😀

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Thank you, Jerry! :-) Will let you and everyone else know more very soon when I can. :-)

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