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Warm Lower Legs



I’ve been a type 1 for over 44yrs and I’m 59yrs old. I have tried to manage my diabetes to the best I can over such a long time. My job as a tv news cameraman, semi retired now and avoid flights and long stays aeau. There are many who have had type 1 much longer and I take my hat off to you if you’re a lucky one to have managed yourself impeccably and are free from the usual longterm diabetic complications.

However, last six months or so, my lower legs and feet are becoming noticeably very warm, not all the time, but quite often. Notice it at night more and in the mornings. I do have peripheral neuropathy in legs, feet, and hands. Legs become a bit restless at night until I can settle to sleep. I live on my own and don’t have any worry problems etc...

Does anyone here longterm or otherwise, have similar problems and how do you deal with it?


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Hi Dickydon,

Have you talked to your doctor about the issue with your legs? When was your last appointment? What have your blood sugars been recently?

Activity2004, diabetic clinic at the hospital gave me Duloxetine, which reading up is an anti-depressant but also successful for diabetic neuropathy pain etc... My sugars are a bit erratic I find it difficult to maintain a steady flow. I’m not a sit around at a desk type. I also have a Freestyle Libre Sensor which helps enormously though. I mostly feel okay, but when I check the sensor my blood sugars read quite high 16, 17, higher sometimes. Though I move injection site around every-time, I still feel the amount of insulin I take isn’t getting used in the body properly. I obviously look for a non lumpy spot, but after 44yrs I’m not surprised the body isn’t absorbing it properly hence the reason for high readings. I

InDidn’t go down pump route wasn’t interested with carb counting stuff. I generally do eat healthy, fish and chicken but not often. Don’t smoke or drink and only slightly overweight.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

Have you changed insulins or the doses? When do you have your meals/snacks?

Same insulin for 20yrs Novorapid (quick acting) & Levemir (long acting) usually take 12-14 units Novorapid 3 to 4 times a day depending on food I eat and around 36u morning & evening of long acting insulin. I don’t eat to set times as most of my life I’ve spent travelling overseas, UK etc... so there is no breakfast at 8am; lunch 1pm; dinner 7pm scenarios. I live on my own also, so do live like most couples, families do etc... in terms of meal times or the rigidity of it. I may not eat at all if I don’t fancy eating.

An example what I had for breakfast today was around 11am at home: 3eggs scrambled; 4 small slices of toasted sough dough bread; half a small pack of salmon slices and two large cups of earl grey tea, no milk. No lunch, as I was still full from that breakfast. Around 3pm I had a hotcross bun toasted with butter and a mug of earl grey tea. This evening around 7.30pm I’ve had some sardines on toast and two cups of earl grey tea. That has done me for the day. Might have a nibble a bit later on sumin.

But the other night I had an hypo, reading went down to 2.4 and walloped two bowls of crunchy nut cornflakes brings levels back quickly; I can’t do one biscuit and wait half an hour for any effect. Then 15 mins later my sugar level rockets to 15.9 - so the up & down cycle starts again...

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

What about trying 2 hard boiled eggs and a Greek yogurt for breakfast? The protein is going to hold you longer and you won’t have high numbers afterwards. I have this every morning and I eat low carb and high protein for all meals/snacks. My insulin dosage is less (depends on the amount of carbs and what I eat at the time). For my bedtime snack, I have a 30 gram protein bar. It has 27 grams of carbs.. If my blood sugar is lower, then I will also have a Greek yogurt with the bar. I also have my CGM and a test before going to bed after/before doing my shot so I don’t drop too low.

Thanks, I’ll have a try no harm and let you know.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

You’re welcome! Definitely please let me know if the numbers and insulin goes down slightly. Also, let your doctor know what we have talked about so they will be on the same page.😀👍🌈

I will, thanks for your time and input.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Dickydon

You're welcome. Anytime. :-)

You're eating too much carbohydrate. Trying to control it with insulin isn't even as effective as putting a sticking plaster on a wound because high insulin causes problems of its own. It's a hormone, and it needs to be controlled as much as blood glucose does.

Keep to 120g of carbohydrate per day diabetes.org.uk/resources-s... , and adjust your insulin to cope. Continue to follow the high-carbohydrate diet that most people do and you'll continue to develop chronic ill-health from insulin-resistance, as most people do.

Get most of your energy from natural fat.

God bless you.

Thanks again StillConcerned. I understand you. Over the years some of us longterm diabetics become a little too complacent and just deal with it as though we didn’t have a problem. My job that involves a lot of travelling over the last 25 plus years, and working often in unsafe environments dealing with things that we take for granted here in the UK, you know, nice house, garden, car, kitchen, peace and quiet, but rushing around the world and not always the best hotels or available food then you have to deal with it and you can’t be to concerned with counting carbs let alone being able to buy a chocolate bar in some crazy place. However, this has all stopped because I’m older and less physically able to run around so much as I have ongoing heart related issues to deal with too.

I do need to change my mindset about my diabetes having been lucky with it for the last 44yrs.

But thanks and I fully appreciate and understand all what you say.

How many grammes of carbohydrate per day do you have please Dickydon?

Hi StillConcerned, I don’t count carbs. I’m a reasonably good judge when it comes to portions and what I eat, insulin ratio etc...I don’t use a pump, thought I have a Libre Sensor on my arm. I’m a fancy that and I’ll have type really, I’m not overweight, but I don’t just go out and eat rubbish/candy bars/fizzy drinks/crisps/puddings etc etc etc... I do keep chocolate in my fridge along with a supply of lucozade for hypo needs when I’m at home.

I'm not here to judge Dickydon. I've written in another paragraph what I believe is going on.

I hope you come to an informed decision that enables you to alleviate any suffering.

God bless you.

I respect your input and fully agree what you say and what you say is clearer than I’ve been able to fathom all these years of having diabetes (44yrs.)

It’s the simplistic explanations that works for me as often the specialists never seem to hit the right note and your left still confused. So one just rolls on...


Dickydon in reply to Dickydon

...And I’m gonna give it a concerted effort to slowly reach that calorific objective. I know the areas of my problems like a cup of black tea, I won’t just have one digestive biscuit, but four or five and that needs to stop. They’re 9cal per biscuit :-(

hi Dickydon i got issue with my legs too and i take Gingo 6000 and it do the job for me

Thanks, okay, I’ll check that out speak to doc before I get some make sure they don’t clash with anything.

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