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New Sensor Today: DEXCOM


Well, since the sensor from July 2nd was having issues, it had to be changed this morning after breakfast. The sensor started having issues since yesterday on and off. It even kept having the alarms going off-- even when I really wasn't low, but the system thought I was dropping. When I had tested one time, the number on the receiver said 138 with two arrows straight down. At the same time, I tested and I was in the 300s! This was really wrong and I wasn't happy since there wasn't a way to correct the numbers (You aren't allowed to calibrate with straight up or down arrows.). The other alarms that kept going off was from the Out of range/Loss signal alerts! Those kept going on even in the night/early morning hours for today. I had called the Tech Support Reps. twice because the first call was dropped/disconnected. Second call went through and I had been promised a free replacement sensor that will be here between 3-7 days. I'm hoping this time, the one who brings it to my house actually comes to the house the first time. Yesterday, I got another free sensor and the driver got lost since they went to the wrong street/house. Not good, but it finally ended up here in one piece.

Well, this is all for right now. More to come soon. Watch this page/posting! :-) Stay safe, happy and healthy! :-)

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Well what a drama this dropping in and out of range is not good and needs remedying as this just isn’t right.

So good luck with the new sensor and you stay safe now. 😊

Activity2004Administrator in reply to Jerry

Thank you for that. I hope this new sensor can go beyond 7 days. I also hope to get less alarms going off in the night hours-- especially if the system is having false messages. I'll let everyone know what ends up happening in the next few days.

Stay safe! :-)

Oh dear, I thought the G6 was supposed to be better than your old Dexcom. Fingers crossed the new sensor works better.

Stay safe and take care.

TT x.

Activity2004Administrator in reply to ThyroidThora

Thank you! Will let you know what happens soon.

You stay safe, too. :-)

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