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Non insulin injections for type 2


Hi. I have a long and complicated health history which includes: thyroid cancer, type 2 diabetes and ckd. I was hoping for feedback from anyone who has or is using a weekly non insulin injection. I am currently on Diamicron 120 and Glixambi, but my body just isn’t coping and my last hba1c was 9.1!!! During COVID, my exercise has reduced, but the increase in levels just seems ridiculous, so thought I might consider my Dr’s suggestion of the injection.

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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer shortly after I started on Metformin for type 2 diabetes. I've struggled to control my blood sugars but I cannot have some of the oral glucose medications because there is an increased risk of other endocrine cancers. So, I started on Humilin I at bedtime and I've had much better blood glucose control. I try to follow a low carbohydrate diet, I take Metformin with breakfast and at dinner time and Humilin I at bedtime. How old are you? If you're under 50 there is a test to check for type 1 diabetes and this might help with deciding on medication. The test wasn't available for my age at the time but I've since found out that female type 1 diabetics are at increased risk of thyroid cancer. You could look on the NICE website for more information.

I hope this helps and all the best for the future.

TT x

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Thank you ThyroidThora, so interesting! I turned 40 in Feb. Thyroid cancer dx at 31 and diabetes dx at 35. I will definitely ask my Endocrinologist about possibly testing for type 1. I tried metformin but did not agree with me so have been trying pretty much combos of everything else since bar injections. My hba1c fluctuates between 8-9 rarely in the 7’s or lower no matter how hard I try.

Thanks again!

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My Hba1c tends to be in the range of 8 to 9 because of the thyroid problem and needing thyroid medication because I have an underactive (hypothyroidism) thyroid now. Prior to my thyroid surgery I was on Metformin SR and my Hba1c came down to 8 and then sky rocketed once my thyroid cancer was removed and I wasn't started on thyroid medication. It remained high on the thyroid medication but came down when I was trialed on Armour thyroid tablets (thyroid medication made from pig's thyroid gland) and, then it was took off me and I was put back on the synthetic Levothyroxine and it went back up. I've recently managed to get Armour thyroid back on prescription from the cancer hospital and with Humilin I and Metformin my blood sugars have come back down. I try to follow a low carb diet but I find that I have diabetic hypos so, I eat some carbs and this is keeping my Hbac1 in the 8 to 9 range.

Are you testing your blood daily with test strips? The Hba1c is an average measurement of your blood sugars over a 8 to 12 week period isn't reflective of daily variations. If you don't test then perhaps you should ask for a test kit from your GP and start testing your blood before and after meals so that you can find out what foods trigger a rise a blood sugar and try to modify your diet to get your blood sugars lower. I think that because of your age it is possible you are Type 1 and should ask for the genetic test before you start on any insulin or hypo causing tablets. Once you are on insulin the genetic tests doesn't work.

I hope this hasn't over loaded you with too much information and I wish you well.

Take care, TT x.

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