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Unstable Diabetes, Type II


I really understand your frustration. I am 76 and managed Diabetes Type II for over 40 years. Now is so much more complicated and unstable. I added Januvia, to Metformin and now Insulin daily and eat 100% sugar-free and healthy and still have trouble staying in a healthy range. Good luck to you!

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This might not be the answer you expect but You Look So Well! It must be so difficult at times even though you are trying your absolute best to keep healthy. Good luck!i

Hi, are you on a low carb diet?

Please post this in " Diabetes India " forum here.

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There is lot more discussions and information - comments and responses in that forum.

Hello friend- you looking great. Yes, diabetes is totally different than any other disease.

It is around over 120 years and still there is no cure. As we age , it gets worst - even with increased dosage. Please consider extremely low carb diet - less than 5 % carbs - easy, if you are non- vegetarian. Also check and consider Intermittent fasting.

yes i fully understand your problem your just have to keep trying i myself have had this desease for over 25 years am 74 had heart attack 6 years ago and have lost 5 stone since then am now stuck on 16 stone but have to lose another 1.6 stone as the nhs wont operate on my knee as they say i am overweight by 1.6 stone have joined slimming world so im hoping they can help good luck in your life

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