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Not sure


Hi guys. I'm needing some advice. I don't think I have diabetes, but I had an episode on Friday at work. I lift weights 3 to 5 times a week and eat clean through the week each day. On Friday, I felt like I was going into a hypo.. I worked late on Thursday and didn't eat much late on Friday. I had eggs for breakfast at 5am then had a busy morning and didn't eat again untill 1 pm. At around 10 pm, I started getting a little light headed then started feeling dizzy and a little off balance. Soon after my heart rate went up and then I started panicking and feeling confused. My co-worker gave me a chocolate bar then after that, I felt a little better. But, all weekend, I have felt a little off and fuzzy headed. Would this be caused by not eating for a while? I have a good diet usually and only have one more episode like this which was October last year. If I keep my food I take up I don't seem to have issues. What could it be?

Thanks all for your help.

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Welcome Dean. Anybody can have a hypo. Marathon runners etc. Without having blood test etc we can not say but get checked soon.


Hi and welcome to the group, DeanSamson. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting, asking questions, take a look at the Pinned Posts section and the Polls. Also, comment on the postings and comments of the other members from the group. Everyone is happy to help to their best ability, if possible.

For your question, did you eat anything? Did you skip/eat late any meals/snacks? Sometimes, if I eat later than normal, my numbers start to drop and then I have to eat something as soon as possible (I drop fast).

Go to your doctor explain what happened and ask him. He can test you.

Cases of non-diabetics experiencing HYPO, though rare but are possible. It is called Reactive Hypoglycemia. You should better consult your Doctor.

Thanks for the comments guys really appreciate it. I will get checked as soon as I'm home which will be Wednesday I haven't had any problems since. I think anxiety had a big part in it. Thinking that something was going to happen and the more you think about it. You think it happens. I did miss 2 meals that but I'll see what the doctor says. Thanks again

Good luck Dean!

Unless you're going to remain very low carb to become keto-adapted, have a small amount of low Gi carbs to fuel weight-training, just don't over-emphasise them.

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