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About me......


Hey all I’m not really good at introducing myself but here goes ... I’m 45 nearly 46 🙈 single, I work in a high school and I have 2 grown up boys and a grandson. I was told sept 2017 that I have type 2 diabetes, I’d be very grateful for any info that you lovely people could give me, eg: losing weight, and what foods I should and shouldn’t have, ( I know the basics but any tips I’d be grateful of ) :)

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Hi and welcome to the group, SammyK123. Please feel free to continue posting and commenting, asking questions, take a look at the Polls section, read and comment on the other member’s postings and comments, and of course, meet the other members of the group.

What has your doctor talked with you about during your last appointment? Do they want you to count your carbs for each meal and snack? Create an exercise routine? Change of diet? What do they want your blood sugars to be running during the day and evening hours?

My doctor has just told me to lose weight,nothing about what foods I should be avoiding, i take metformin 3 times a day after meals.I received a letter in the post yesterday about me being invited to the hospital to learn more about diabetes etc so I’m going to sign up to that and then maybe learn something about it

Activity2004Administrator in reply to SammyK123

Sounds like a great idea. Please let us know what you find out.

Welcome Sammy. Keep the carbs at bay. They do the damage. Good luck from a T1 for 52yrs since being 3.

SammyK123 in reply to HOBIEONE

Thanks for the info.. I didn’t know that.

HOBIEONE in reply to SammyK123

A simple walk every day is good for us all. Being active is good. Please keep at it & you will benefit. Good luck SammyK123


Please take a look at our website drwf.org.uk for more info to help you start your journey understanding your diabetes. There are free information leaflets to listen to or download. Best wishes.

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