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I like to keep to Low Carbs if I can. I am a T1 for more than 50yrs. Carbs do the damage & do my best to walk, peddle every day. Am still full time employed.

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    Have you read Dr Richard Bernstein book called Diabetes Solution...?

  • Know I have not. But after being on insulin from being 3yrs old. I do know what is good & bad. I have never been unemployed in my life & very proud of that. Do you think I should write a book ?

  • Pls do

    I am sure you have a wealth of experience

  • Two of my friends who where T2 diabetics are now OFF all T2 medications inc insulin. Keep off those bad carbs. If people run a Marathon its different.

  • Too many carbs obviously is not good for anyone - Western diets often have more than one carb in a meal e.g. pizza with chips or lasagne with bread etc - this is unnecessary in my opinion.

    However, I tried this low-carb Dr Bernstein approach many years ago and would not recommend it. Many T1 diabetics are tall and slim and the weight loss that this dietary approach causes in my opinion can be dangerous. Over the course of a year I became extremely thin and unhealthy. It can also increase cholesterol levels which is also not good for T1 diabetics. While my blood sugar was often good I tended to slip slowly and without awareness into very low blood sugars with hypos requiring assistance. Much better to have a healthy balanced diet with all major food groups included.

  • It's upto individuals to choose what they want

    By the way if done properly then it's beneficial

    Dr Bernstein is still alive and kicking with his age crossing 80

  • Sure it's up to individuals. I have had T1 diabetes for 37 years and I am fine. Good for Dr Bernstein. Major weight loss though is a part of this programme and not everyone can afford to lose a lot of weight. It just cannot work for some people.

    Bye the way Dr Atkins dropped dead of a heart attack at 72.

  • Dr Atkins diet due to some accident

    Not due to heart attack as falsely said by. Vegans

  • He slipped on ice and not heart attack

  • Read Dr Michael Moseleys book 8 week blood sugar diet. People can be thin on the outside and fat inside. low carb healthy fat is proven to work universally

  • Sorry but I am thin all over - low normal bmi of 20 and most of that is muscle mass. Can't afford to lose much more weight so these diets don't work for me.

  • I would love to hear solutions to this issue - nobody seems to have an answer to this. Low carb = weight loss. I understand there is an obesity epidemic which is a major problem in relation to diabetes, however lots of us are thin and cannot use these diets safely and effectively.

  • Sorry but disagree. There is so much evidence that low carb and healthy fat is the way to go for diabetics. Research LCHF!

  • You disagree ? You keep eating your carbs then. See what happens ? As I have said if you run Marathons you need carbs. 51yrs of T1 more than 5 bg tests a day. I used to get blood out of my fingers sometimes without a sharp ?

  • Huh? Think we're getting our wires crossed. Read my post again. By the way just lost 37lbs in 12 weeks on LCHF...thats low carb healthy fat plan. Cholesterol normal. Triglycerides normal. HbA1c coming down from 108 to 67

  • Please read the first post on this subject. Carbs do the damage ?

  • Must be having a blonde moment giving up replying

  • Please DONT give up Scottiedottie replying. The way the thread has gone does not help. When people are talking to each other its different & it is harder to post.

  • Apologies you are correct about Atkins, however, I remember feeling cheated by Dr Bernstein's claims.

    Despite a year of hard work sticking to his programme it just did not work for me.

    Various people seem to have miracle solutions to managing T1 diabetes (and T2). I would advise that people maintain a healthy skepticism and are very careful.

  • Theirs me a very POSSITIVE person trying to help others. I know very well after more than 50yrs of T1 what does the damage. Carbs have a lot to do with it. When I see a teenager with a 2lt bottle of full fat Coke & a 50ins Pizza I cringe ! Low carbs are better for you health unless you run marathons ! Be good out there

  • As I say I would encourage a healthy balanced diet.

    What you describe is over-eating - neither healthy nor balanced.

    Keep well.

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