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Associated liver enzymes with hyperlipidemic profile in type 2 diabetes patients


......... We observed significantly increased AST showed weak positive relation with the parameters of glycemic control and lipid profile. Being a marker of hepatocellular health AST is less specific than ALT and GGT [7]. Hultcrantz et al. showed that in asymptomatic individuals with mild elevations of ALT and AST 98% has liver disease commonly fatty liver disease [34]. In a study of male Korean workers AST was found independently associated with diabetes [35] while in a study of male Japanese office workers AST was not associated with diabetes risk [28]. Vozarova et al. reported ALT as a significant predictor of diabetes while AST is not [31]. Our study is in agreement with Vozarova et al. as AST does not show considerable relationship with the studied parameters. Present work is limited to the standard method of liver biopsy for the prediction of NAFLD but it goes with the analysis of Third National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey where individuals with NAFLD are known to have elevated transaminase concentrations, Clark et al. have also suggested that mild or chronic elevations of these markers may be due to NAFLD [36,37]. We conclude that ALT and GGT are the salient markers for NAFLD in T2DM patients with hyperlipidemia, and should be considered in routine analysis to forbid the progress of disease to chronic conditions. However further investigations are required to sustain these associations.

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I was thinking to post a link here similar to the one you have posted. But the article is very lengthy and difficult to understand by nonmedical people. There are many markers on the radar to predict occurence, progress and diagnosis of nafld/ nash. Well i'm posting the link if someone is intersted may read the article.




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