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hello friends, my uncle is suffering from diabetes from last 15 years n he has fasting blood sugar level 106 and PP 250 after taking medication, his doctor has prescribed him in morning 1500mg metformin, sitagliptin 50mg, glimiperide 3mg and voglibose 0.3mg and in evening 1000mg metformin, glimiperide 3mg and voglibose 0.3 mg. he also prescribed atorvastatin 20mg telmisertan 40mg, hydrochlorthaizide 12.5mg, cilnidipine 10mg, metoprolol 50mg . my uncle does not have a heart/ BP problem. please suggest me wether this prescription is right or not and should i do. do i consult with another doctor please reply me

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When was your Uncle's last Endocrine appointment? What did his Endocrinologist say about the doses of each medication?

As for a second opinion, please talk it over first with your Uncle and see what he wants to do.

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Too much medication. Pl consult some experienced MD immediately


Too much medicine which leads to kidney problem.First change your doctor .Prefer insulin injection,reduce tablets,.Change to low carb food like vegetable,egg white,fish and lean red meat.


To much medicine!!!!check dr mcgucol on Google


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