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Sorry I hadn't had that that much time to check in lately this week. I was a little busy and this was the first time I could just sit here and do some posting about this week's experiences with the DEXCOM. You may find it very interesting!

For dinner a few days ago, I had a salad with fruit on top and a little ice cream for afterwards. The numbers seemed to do great.

I did some walking recently and that got the numbers on the DEXCOM going down a little bit. There was a lot of exercise this week. At one point, the numbers did go upwards, so that wasn't too good. The numbers got into the upper 300's, but I drank some water and Snapple tea that I had all this week with me. That seemed to help here and there.

Tomorrow, I have to use the new sensor, so that will take some extra time getting things ready with the DEXCOM, but it's all worth it!

Hope to hear from you all soon. Enjoy the weekend ahead!

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I often find with exercise my numbers drop then rise into the 300's like your's. Then become normal with some rest and water. I over did it gardening and was on a roll a coaster of numbers for a day. Virus effect my numbers greatly- sometimes I can tell I'm becoming ill before signs just by the Dexcom numbers.

Have a great day.



Thanks for the update. I'll keep that in mind when I do some walking around here and there.

How much exercise does it take to do the garden work?

If I'm ill, I sometimes have to lower the dose of insulin, but knock on wood, I haven't been sick since starting to use the DEXCOM. I wonder how that will be. I plan to do a new posting about the DEXCOM this week, but maybe a few days earlier than normal since I'm off from the center due to force of closing because of cleaning. The center will reopen on August 17th.


I pushed it hard this summer for a week and had a lot of leg swelling, that was when my legs were the worse. Both my endo. and nuero. appt's were great doing some more testing- but liver and kidney's and thyroid are good and endo numbers.

When I'm ill I have to increase my insulin, like you with the warm weather unless my husband has the air on freezing I feel I'll stay healthy for summer.


Good to hear all around!


Hello A2004

It's great to hear you are logging and progressing. You are almost an expert on the meter and you can do things that alter your readings and you are becoming more confident in the unit and your own health. You can try new things and you know where you stand. Beats a formal education because you are the driver. The logs are good to look at when you want to see how far you have progressed in your use of the equipment. You will be in a confident position to advise someone else who may have to struggle in the beginning when put on the DEXCOM. You are slowly kicking your diabetes into touch and having it take a back seat while you go on with living. BRAVO, well done. Keep up the knowledge and understanding the science of your own body. You are extraordinary. Sorry not to comment earlier, I have been out of the loop until today. Best wishes and kindest regards.


Thank you for saying the kind words. It's very nice to hear it.

I'm glad to hear from you any time. Keep in touch when you can. Will be here.


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