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Large LADY

i am also a large lady with diebetes2, my doctor suggested Diebetes Exercise Classes, which I thoughI would give a go, Have lost 7lb and feel a lot better, there are quite a few disabled people that go, I has had two strokes, three are in wheelchairs, the course is for 10wks, enjoyed it so much have joined the gym, why not ask your doctor if there is anything in your area

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There are many arm-chair exercises and it is good that you found them. The hard part is finding those who are qualified to give that training and exercise, however, what a joy it is to be able to participate and realise the weight loss and feel better. One can not ask for better than that. This is an easy chronic condition that can render us with depression. The fight is doing something about it. I admire your drive and testimony that there is something you can do to improve the quality of life you lead. Keep up the great efforts and stay positive.


Well done on your weight loss so far, it is hard to take that first step but, you have done that, so keeping the momentum going is what we will try and support you with, I too am type 2 and large so you're, fight in not alone. Think of a small goal of your choosing, mine is too loose 10lb by the end of June already lost 5 some I know i'm going to smash it. How good will I feel. Do this so you know you're going to give your self a high... You go girl you deserve it... be strong.

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Happy people really are losing weight I loss 4lb in 2weeks this week I put on 1lb like get depressed I have diabetes 2 I am happiest in my home I need. Too get out more its not easy by nicolahellyer.


I sorry.


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