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Central After stroke pain

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Im 55 and have had 2 strokes. 1st one was 11 years ago when i was 44 and now more recently at 54. Both brian stem ischemic stroke. I recovered from the first one within a g. I had mobility issues. Walking and speech but all recovered. This stroke 12 months ago has left me with hypersensitive feelings on my left side and CPSP central post stroke pain mainly in my left leg and foot. Im on Clopidogrel, statins, Ramopril and Gabapentin.. I've tried pregabline but had side effects so returned to gabapentin but now getting side effects with it. Im now on 2700mg a day 3x900 a day. Side effects are massive weigh gain and joint pains mainly hips knees and ankles. Have any of you suffered like this?? After stroke pain is non-stop every minute of every day 😞

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Why have you had two strokes at such an early age, were you checked for APS- anti phospholipid Syndrome? Google it

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Not all strokes are explicable, sadly

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Hi, just to say that a lot of stroke victims get more advice on the Headway section of health unlocked.

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