Is it stroke pain

Hi dawnie55 here I'm so pleased managed to find this site, on May 16th i was taken to hospital I don't remember much about it I was diagnosed with Meningjitis pneumocooal ,stroke and brain absess. I was in hospital 4 weeks ,my right side was damaged by the stroke it I am suffering badly with the side that wasn't damaged now getting awful pins and needles in fingers and really bad throbbing pain that comes and goes in wrist, elbow ,shoulder and neck, I'm hoping it dies down eventually ,I've been told I am very lucky to be here was in an induced coma for about 10 days, I wanted to know if anyone else gets this sort of pain would love to know it's normal for what I'm going through any advice be great

Thanks Dawn

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  • Hi Dawn.

    Welcome to our site, I had my Stroke in 1998 at the age off 32.

    Yes I have my left hand side effected by the Stroke.

    I have also got chronic pain down my right hand side for my "sins"

    I would be very happy to help you.

    Please contact me if I can help.


  • Thanks Steve it's only 3 months since this happened to me out of the blue and I thought I should be on the mend now but I don't think so ,I seem to be getting more pain now than when first started with it. I had it in my head that I would be back at work now but I don't think I could cope at moment between pain and tiredness. I have heard people saying that the gabapentin I'm on is supposed to help me sleep but it doesn't, I'm on 2.700 now plus tramadol I between but still the pain gets through, I'm not pleased your still suffering but it's relief to know I'm not the only one with pain the opposite side


  • Hi Dawn. I'm so sorry my pain has only recently started. Have you had any rehab??? I will go through things in more detail if you want.


  • Hi Dawn. I am new here but had a stroke 7 years ago. I was on a high dose of the same meds you take. I stopped taking them after a year and the only thing that changed was the night terrors and mood changes greatly reduced and now are very rare. The meds did not rid me of pain. Overall I think time is the biggest healer. And then I gathered a family of four cats and although I need help to look after them I really feel that make me feel so better. See your GP about your meds but I tried all of them and for me it was not to work, but it may be there is something for you which will. Take care.

  • Hi Steve I have been very lucky will help I have received, I have started with physio and o/t once a week in our flat at moment I have had 2 Mris one on spine the other internal somewhere I think waiting for results then on Tuesday go for another one on the brain to check absess has gone, been told blood test came back clear, I have also become deaf in right ear totally and left ear partially being fitted with hearing aids on tues that's to do with the Meningjis I've been told ,any info you have to share be great may help to give me some answers to everything


  • Hi Dawn. Sorry for the delay, gosh you sound very very busy. Is there anything in particular that you wanted to know??


  • Hi Steve yes been busy been mad with all scans and tests not got a day free this week. I have to say they have been brilliant here with doing all these tests. To be honest I have wanted to know if other people are getting bad pain and pins and needles in side not effected by stroke the pains have got really bad with me .im seeing stroke nurse on Friday so going to ask her if it's normal x

  • Hi.

    That's great thanks, yes pins & needles & pain is part off my daily life.

    It's fairly common, do you want me to get some info ??

    I'm currently managing my pain fairly well at present.

    Every one has different amount's of pain following a Stroke.

    Pins & needles is also common following a Stroke.

    You are keeping busy which helps big time.


  • Hi I had a stroke in January and was in hospital for 7 weeks I had no pain until about 3 weeks after I was discharged. I have pain in my left thigh and my left hand tingles and I have numbness in my fingers. I had a right medullary stroke it's also called Walkenberg I have no temperature sensation in the side affected by pain etc. I have been told it is post stroke pain. Hope this helps x

  • i had stroke nov15 and it only now i am getting a lot of pain in what my 3 year oldgrandaughter says is my silly side my left hand side shoulder is really getting me down as i though i was over the worse of it dont understand how one year down the line the pain has arrived have 3 diffrent pain killers from doc witch help a little but never pai ffree it is really starting to get me down as i allways try my best but this time the pain h as beet me feel like my doc thinks i am a pest and thinking she here again,the after care with strokes is rubbish think it as there is so many of us the nhs cant keep up;going to try uping some of the pain killers and see if i can at least get a sleep

  • Sorry you are having so much pain. Don't feel you are being a pest your GP is their to help you. Why not ask for referral to the hospital to see the doctors thei they will be more up to date on treatment. You say you are on pain killers. Traditional pain relief doesn't usually work in Central Stroke pain. I do agree the after care is not good. Take care x

  • Thanks marinamac all comments help at least I know I'm not imagining it the pain been getting worse last few weeks ,I had a left sided stroke which left me with pain originally in right side but in last few weeks has started on left side has left me in agony some days sometimes in leg then in arm and fingers so bad some days can't do anything with my hand x

  • Hi Dawn we share the same date of admission to hospital. I suffered a bleed into my brain at 57 years old. NO history of high blood pressure, not over weight etc? I am awaiting results of an MRI I had last Friday? You my freind have had a bad time for sure and I am sorry you are left with pain and pins and needles. I saw and Acupuncturist and he helped my pins and needles and spasms I had after my stroke.It really helped me!

    I wish you well and hope you get some relief and rest from your pain etc.

    Others may offer more help and what about your GP? physio referal could help too!


  • I had no warning signs nothing was in work carrying on as normal last thing I remember is passing out then coming round ten days later very weird feeling I woke up in icu wandering why all my family was there I know now how poorly I was but still have a job realising how poorly I have been x

  • Mmd16 I forgot to say I was on tablets for high blood pressure I was told it was inherited as I had done everything I was told to do but still had it. I had acuncture about 10 years ago for a bad back it helped a bit then might have to think about if again thanks

  • 1 had my stroke 2014 then fell injuried my hip dislocated my shoulder with the fall and have a strange feeling down my left side especially in left hand, It feels fuzzy and stiff and my shoulder is out of alignment so of to see a specialist this afternoon, but i keep trying with it in the hope to get more movement so will have to wait and see. In the meantime dont give up on trying however small it my be.

  • Brenda i can imagine how easy it was to fall I have fallen all over the place trying to keep my balance I've been lucky in that I haven't damaged anything else, the Meningjitis doctors reckon have flared my sciatica right up as well can be a side effect it's a good job we can think positive sometimes there is always someone worse off than ourselves x

  • I had these with ernicious anaemia get b12 folate and other related bits checked good luck x

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