hi everyone I'm new to the site i had a stoke 3 years ago I suffered with left side weakness unable to walk and talk had to learn it all again at the age of 28.

now I'm 31 have memory problems can't walk far just potter around the house etc eye problems headaches balance problems and much more is there anyone that still suffers long after stroke

i have a blood disorder I'm a trombopilliac

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  • Hi, I haven't had a Stroke but, my daughter did at 13, she initially recovered really well but developed Dystonia in her right side limbs as a result of the damage the Stroke left behind. My daughter is 21 now and somehow 'got lost in the system' when she was moved up to adult care from pediatrics so is just restarting the process of rehab - physio, OT, etc

    Are you still getting regular check ups? Any ongoing rehabilitation? Family support?

    We're in Shropshire, UK and Stroke care for young people is shockingly poor.

    Elaine Xx

  • Hi hun I'm not getting any help from the health care now apart from my gp I suffer still bad and have had to have a carer now so m6 partner has given up work to care for me I suffer with nerve damage 13 is very young and must have been horrible for you and your family i no from my experience I couldn't do anything and docs said I wouldnt make it but through my partner and my family I managed to pull through, your daughter is a strong person and there are a lot of groups on fb that can offer support if you need it I no docs round Hampshire ain't very good so I had to turn to others that have gone through the same and there is some really nice people out there xxxxx

  • Hi Blossom71, how dreadful for your daughter to suffer a stroke at that tender age. Having had a major stroke in 2009 nwhich left me with limited mobility,I know from personal experience that Neuro Physiotherapy works but I could not afford to continue ,as I could only find a private therapist. I am not sure if it is available on NHS but it would be worth asking the question. I also know there is an intensive upper limb therapy unit at London University Hospital. I live in the Midlands.

    I really hope you get the support you need for your daughter


  • Hello Leanne, yes I am still suffering the effects of my major stroke in 2009.

    I find it so very frustrating not to be able to do the things I used to enjoy, such as walking and playing outdoor games with my grandchildren. I have been told by doctors that my major problem is acceptance, but I continue to struggle to return to my former self.Quite frankly I feel that the real me has gone now and I have been left with this body to cope with.

    I have started writing and am three quarters through a historical novel based on fact.

    Do the only advise I can give is to develop something else in your life that you can do despite the limitations so cruelly foisted upon you.

    I hope you are enjoying the warm sunshine


  • I know how you feel because i feel like that but just keep doing what you can. I have a wonderful husband and friends that help me out but still feel down when i cannot do what i used to do. I have mastered the keyboard of the computer with only my right hand to some extent.

  • well done Benda, I am typing a novel one handed -three quarters there! trouble is at one point on a 'down ' day my hands were wet and sticky from cring and my 'r' key came off on my typing finger. ha ha ha! I didn't want to take my laptop in because my book was on it. Good news is I sent first three chapters to a publisher and editorial board has accepted it for publication on basis of beginning, a synopsis and personal profile. Wish me luck and look out for 'Irish Fever'


  • Thanks Brenda, I'll keep going


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