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My mum after her stroke

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Hey there everyone, I’m going through the worst time in my life.

My mum had a big stroke 6 days ago and she has no feeling in her left arm and only a little in her leg.

She is talking but sounds really bad.

She seems really brain damaged. She isn’t my Mum . It’s like she is a 10 year old. Does anyone know if she will ever be herself again . She asked me today if she came out of the stroke ok mentally. I’m trying to be strong can anyone give me anything positive to hope for ?

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I,too had a stroke in 2016 which left me with paralysis in my left side and speech problems. Three years on and I am 99% back to normal. My family played the biggest part in my recovery. Stay positive, encourage your Mum to do her exercises as often as she can and just be there for her. Hopefully she will recover quickly but don,t expect too much too soon.

Susie xx

Cheers Susie. She seems really confused and looks straight through me. Usually she is the life of the party . So it’s just time and exercise. Thanks

I had a stroke in 2015 and had to learn to walk again. Am now back on the tennis court although not playing competitively yet. Big thing is to be patient and stay positive, but patience above all. And of course take advantage of any physio offered. It really does take time for the body to recover but more than often it will. Good luck!

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Regmiddo72 in reply to Juanicia

Cheers , were you badly brain damaged at the start as well.?

I’m just hoping I can get the old Mum back. But like people have said it takes time. Which I can wait and help her every step of the way!

She has helped me my whole 38 years. Now it’s my time!

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Juanicia in reply to Regmiddo72

Not badly brain damaged but someone I know recently had a really bad stroke with brain damage who could hardly recognise his family. But four weeks later he is able to talk again, starting to feed himself and demanding to watch the rugby. Time really is a great healer, together with determination and good physio.

Morning, you will find help here and on headway section of this site (that's the part I first found after my rare form of stroke aged 49 in 2014)

Is yr mum still in hospital? Make sure you get appointments set up for home with the community neuro rehab team ASAP and see if headway charity nearby can help you. You and the family are her best helpers and you may need professional guidance to do so. It could be many months to go and it took me over a year to settle and to find any sense of positive emotions..... But since then I've done many things... Travelled alone extensively (India, China, Russia, South Africa), moved house, joined a choir etc etc. Plenty to hope for but day by day try to stay positive and work with her. Expect some low times, moodiness, hard work... And look after yourself too.

I am writing back to you to say I had a stroke at 57rs old in 2016! I am back to who I was now and living life each day at a time. I hope your mum is just like me. Give it time as it does take a lot of time, depending on what caused her stroke to recover! Be there for her and remember she is your mum and be strong. She needs you to support

her, she is still your mum and hopefully one day you will look at her and smile seeing how much she has recovered. Life is very hard for us all at periods of our life and this time would appear to be for you and your mum,but there is hope! My advice is ask questions of the medical profession and make sure she gets the best support and help from them, she deserves it! You can do this!

I rarely reply on this site but your post resonated so much with me, I have two daughters and they had the same experience and worries for me.


It takes time and practicing her speech and doing her Physio. The more she practices the better she'll get. It takes time and practice and her brain needs to regenerate. No one can say how long it will take, we're all different but she will recover and the fact that you can understand what she's saying bodes well. Currently her brain is working overtime trying to reboot so that she'll be able to do what she could before, she needs help with this from you the Physio and occupational health.

My husband had a stroke 3 weeks ago and has similar symptoms. He is in a rehab ward with 30 mins of physio 5 days a week. He speaks in a whisper but can understand. He is at the start of what will be a long journey and a lot of love and patience is needed to help the recovery process. Once you accept it is months or even years to improve be supportive and encouraging. Rejoice in the many good active years prior to the stroke and hope things improve.

Hi sorry I have only just read your message. How is your mum doing? I hope she is improving. I had a stroke in 2017. It was very difficult at first both physically and emotionally. However, with determination and hard work doing my daily physio I am pleased to say I too am 99% back to how I was. My 34 year old daughter was a huge help to me as well as my family and friends. I couldn’t have got here without them. Keep strong, there will be ups and downs but it does get better! Good luck and let us know how she is doing. Pamx

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adjie_dh in reply to Pammy59

be strong Pam, everything will be your spirit and fight that stroke bravely.., i know you will be a winner at the end...., go go, go....

i have 3 years stroke since 2015 till now, , so i know how pain it is, i try deffensed with eilive everything =that haves a tart absolutelywill end , or everything happen is only temporary, , and with that mindset, now i can spesk and walk even very slowly..

Hello,I've just joined this community as my 86yr old mother suffered a huge stroke and we are now on day 6 waiting to learn what we can about which kind of stroke she's had ,long term outlook etc etc. I read your post and hoped that since you are 1 month ahead,you may be able to give some advice?

Hoping that your dear mum managed to make good progress in her recovery.

An add on:- my beautiful mother passed away in the early hours Sat morning in a wonderful hospice. She wasn't alone at the time and the palliative care team nurse held her hand until mum finally slipped away. Such an emotional time for our family and the support from the other forum (British Lung Foundation) has totally blown me away..... I'm very fortunate to have such great support.

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