HiyaEVERY-ONE IM BOBW. Have had a bereavement,2 strokes,and now seeing someone soon for overactive thyroid?,my darling wife of 47 years and 10 days passed away in 2015 after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer.that was in the June,then in the September i had my first stroke overnight.,didn,t know until getting up from bed- balance had gone.last stroke was in January this year.-deeply depressed- on all fronts.

any helpful advice greatly appreciated.


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  • Sorry for your loss.

  • Thank you spider555

  • Have you had any counselling?

    I'm having some but it's early days...

  • started going to bereavement support in Bridgend .

  • Ok, hope it helps

  • S Wales? I'm in SE Wales, Gwent.

  • Bob - Know how you feel. 2014 lost my husband afteer 60 years of marriage.2015 had two strokes. 2016 had series of minor ailments. 2017 so far so good. Not been easy but I'm damned if I will give in. My husband would be furiousif I did. Taken 15 minutes to type this. Upward and onnward!!!

  • Good luck for any recovery,thank you for your reply courtley .

    bob--now known as 2stroke on pages.

  • Bobw, sorry for your loss. I find focusing on how I make decisions is a good distraction from limitations and propels me forward to try things that are now difficult.

  • Thanks for your reply,bobw now known on pages as 2stroke.Bob.good luck for future.

  • Hi Bob :)

    First off, you're doing the right thing by asking for help. Well done!

  • Thank you TonyToo.good luck for future,

    Bob now known as 2stroke on my pages..

  • 2stroke sorry for your loss😟

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