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National Clinical Guideline for Stroke 2016

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I'm a new guy here having had a stroke on 6th July and a possible TIA three weeks later. Amongst my online information searches I've come across a recently released document that you may find interesting:

"National clinical guideline for stroke Fifth Edition 2016" published by the National College of Physicians. Whilst this version is for clinicians - but readable by lay people - the "easy read" version for patients and carers will be downloadable on 29th November

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Thank you for the information, will look out for it

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The present document can be downloaded at:

Section 4 "Rehabilitation and Recovery" will probably be relevant to most of us here.

The Internet address above is also the access point for the patient and carer version that will be published in November.

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I have just looked at the guide and found it a bit too technical for me to understand quite a lot of it. I would have loved a much shorter and easier guide so i could understand it better.

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The patient and carer guide will be available from the same site at the end of November and will be shorter and easier. The link is on the header at the head of the download page now but won't provide the download until the end of Novemmbe.

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It’s avail now, just had a read of it👍

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Going to take a look now

Thanks forbtheninfo. Imhad mynstroke in march but was luckynin that imwasbonlynleftbwith nomusevibn mynleftbsrm. With help from thebphysio and stubbornessbi can now movebmynarm but ghavennomstrength in it. I believe that determinstion is thebkeyntomstroke recovery.and physio. Hope younarebmaking a good recovery from this rotten affiction. Best of luck.

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Thanks for words of encouragement. Go Maylin x

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Hi Maylin; thanks for your good wishes and I wish you the same. You're right about determination being the key. It took me about three weeks after the stroke to know where the bathroom is in our small bungalow, I would head out of our front door when I wanted to go to the rear garden and, a first it was impossible to read text in newspaper columns. Fortunately I could remember enough to start building two computers and that really helped. My vision has not returned on the righ-hand side and that meant DVLA have taken away my licence. It could have been worse so I'm not complaining. Back in 2014 I had a rare reaction to antifibrillation drugs and the consultant told me that I had been close to death and, the prognosis was damaged lungs: I'm still here and my lungs are as good as ever they were.

We all need to live the best that we can and support each other. Here's to all of us in this forum.


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Thanks for your reply. I am grateful that i am still here and relatively unscathed even after my family had been told i needed tomget through the next 2} hours. Life is sweet even if it is different. I would like to get back to theme that i was before the stroke if i could remembber whaytbthstbwas like. Onwards and upwards. Good luck.

Like Maylin and John boy i am still struggling to get my left shoulder to work but keep trying. It didnt help that about 4 mths down the line i fell broke my hip all on the same side as my stroke and due to that they didnt know untill 6 weeks later my left shoulder was dislocated so i am still trying to get my shoulder to work but getting some movement in my hand. I still knit but am much slower and at craft club i struggle with the sewing but keep going as we all have to do. SO EVERYBODY KEEP TRYING WE WILL GET THERE IN THE END

Thank you

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