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Different Strokes
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Unable to eat after mini stroke or stroke

A relative while having lunch could not swallow the food in the mouth, every thing came out through the nose and mouth!!! an hour later his sister found him having difficulty to speak.

He was taken to hospital and still in hospital, three days, now feeding is through a tube.

Question, can a stroke affect the swallowing food and drinks.?

What are the long term implications?

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A lot of brain injuries can result in an inability to swallow/ difficulties eating. Your relative is in a he right place now and will be assisted in tryibg to learn to eat and drink again. U was fed liquids with thickener when just starting to take solids afain, eventually moving on to solid foods proper, but i was tube fed into my stomach for at least 8 weeks.

The hospital will be the right place to ask about long term implications

Janet xx

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Thank you for your reply, when you had the stroke did it only affect your mouth function? were your arms and legs OK?

Are you on any medication now. My relatives family are planning to do tube feeding at home, thinking behind this is home environment is better!!!

I am not sure, only been in hospital few days.


Hi Sandy, I did not have a stroke, my brain 🧠 njury was caused by viral encephalitis.

I was in a coma for 3 weeks and gence the tube feeding, i also had a tracheotomy so was unable to breathe unaided.

Luckily i recovered fairly well but it meant a 3 month total hospital stay including rehab.

I would not have wanted that initial rehab at home, hospital is a much safer environment.

Dont be too quick to take a he recovery phase over, there is a much patchier support network once hospital is left behind.

All brain injury recovery takes a similar path whether it is caused by trauma or stroke.

Best wishes

Janet x

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We're all affected differently, but difficulty swallowing is very common and one of the first tests they perform is whether or not you can swallow. I was affected on my left side with my first stroke both arm and leg and on my right side with my second stroke. I recovered the use of my limbs quite quickly although I still have some residual weakness on both sides.

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Hi. Yes the type of stroke I had also called Wallenberg certainly affects swallowing. Mine happened in the night I woke with the worst headache and tried to drink some water and choked. I was der via a basic gastric tube for about 6 weeks whilst I was in hospital. I was given swallowing exercises and eventually I was deemed ready for a swallow test which was done under x Ray. I could then eat very small amounts of soft food and thickened liquids gradually building amount of food and textures until a second swallow test about 2 months later when I could then drink normal liquids. Balance coordination and dizziness were my other symptoms. I also had double vision. With regards to a peg and tube feeding it was something that I would have had if the swallow hadn’t come back when it did so that I could have gone home. Hope this helps

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Thank you


That should have read fed via a naso gastric tube. Sorry

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