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The tiredness is killing me!

Hello everyone

So here's the background to 'me' a week before I was told I'd had a brain bleed, I was suffering with numbness of my legs, caused me to walk slowly and almost like I was stomping around. This spread to my right arm and on the day I went to hospital my arms had a tremor and then my speech went, it was slurred and stuttery. I was diagnosed with having a bleed in my brain, and was told I can go straight back to work. Obviously I visited my Gp who said that I had to rest for 2 weeks, since April I can't concentrate at all, my vision has been affected so that when I'm tired I can't read properly or understand the words. I also have fatigue which hits me like a freight train. My husband was supportive at first, but since coming out of hospital he hasn't been supportive, my speech has come back and i think he thinks I'm now back to normal. I can't cope with busy areas with alot of noise, I can't cope with alot now. So is anyone still suffering with any after symptoms? How do you get over it? I feel like I've been abandoned by the hospital and my family as such and it sucks. I'm only 28 and feel that I should have the get a grip mentality and suck it up but I mentally can't.

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I can totally relate to your story. I'm 36 and had a clot which caused a small stroke. I'm lucky also that I do not have any major symptoms because everything has returned to normal. However my mind has not returned to normal and I feel like a different version of myself. I'm desperate to get back to normal but everything feels like a challenge. Controlling my worry and thoughts are the biggest thing and you have to be strong minded to not let it take over your life.


Thank you, although it's grim that you guys have been through similar things and I'm sorry that you have been through it, it's reassuring that others are going through similar things! I walk my dog most nights after work to try and get some exercise, and used to do pilates but the thought of doing it until 9pm is knackering to think of in itself hah! So I havent been for a while. I think it's forcing myself to do things now. Thank you both though :)


it had a strokei i think people dont understand the tierdness just hits u and it no the normal tierdness a think they just think we are being lazy it not till u there that u relise it diffrent a work in home care and have worked with people whom have had brain injierys and a did not understand if and when a get back to work think a will be more pasent a just keep hoping the tiredness will go away but no one will give me a yes or no answer hope u feeling better i also feel hospital abandon us a guess there that meny people with head injures they cant help us all

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a no whenn u are so tierd u dont want to go to the jym but it does help a we bit going the first time is the hardest

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Awwww hell,just typed a massive response to you and deleted by accident. In summary: the tiredness is normal and you need naps! Lots of them, and make people understand you are recovering from a serious illness. Gather literature about your condition and make your husband read it. You are young enough to fight your way back but you need way more time, I'm nearly at a year since I had 2 simultaneous strokes, and have learned I need to embrace the different me. Take care of yourself.


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Bless you I think you should talk to your GP and ask what support you can access? Fatigue is so debilitating and doctors know this to be a complication of stroke and that doesn't matter what your age is. You need more support and your family need to read more literature that's readily available to understand and support you. Talk to them and tell them you need support.



I had my Brain Heammorhage in 1998, yes I can say that I had/still have all off your symptoms & more.

The Bleed was caused by a Brain AVM & it was thought that the hospital/consultant had sorted it for me in 1999./2000.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case as it returned in 2004/2005.

Causing more problems,.

Yes it can become hard with family/friends to except the new you.

Have you managed to do that???

Please let me know if I can help you further???



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