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First visit.. Introducing me!

I'm a 60 year old school teacher ... In the last decade I have survived a massive subarachnoid brain haemorrhage , two knee replacements, two carpel tunnel decompressions, two elbow arthroscopies, two shoulder decompressions and a cholecystectomy. A year ago, after a virus, I was diagnosed with bilateral sudden sensoneural hearing loss so have two hearing aids. Three months ago I was diagnosed as having double cataracts!!!!!! .....THEN two months ago, on my way home from school, I had a "funny turn" - I just felt really giddy (not dizzy) and my vision felt wrong (not double) ...I couldn't walk straight. I went to out of hours GP who was excellent and pushed me quickly through to A&E ....I had a CT scan, MRI scan , blood tests etc all of which came back normal! Then I was diagnosed as having had a TIA ! Sent home on new meds ....a week later I had a repeat "funny turn" which they now have said was a second TIA.

The strange thing for me is the fact that all my tests were normal..... I feel fine-no different than I did before the episodes. I have some memeory issues but they have been since my brian haemorrhage six years ago.

I've had no follow up appointment yet and do feel that I need to see someone ......just in limbo a bit .....not allowed to drive so can't get to work! .....this has led to lots of anxieties and financial concerns. I'm hoping to return to work in a month or so ...it would really help to chat to others.

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Three month ban on driving cos two TIAS ....I've spoken to stroke clinic and apparently follow up is in 6months


Apparently because I had the two TIAd a week apart it's a three months driving ban. Only one month if one TIA.

Yes......put me in PERINDOPRIL , Avarostatin , am


Despite my blood pressure and cholesterol bith being normal



Welcome to the site.

Blimey you have been through the mill.

Yes I had a SAH in 1998 at the age of 32.

If you feel in a limbo can you go to your GP.

Have you got any follow ups as you have had TIA's already ???

Have you contacted "The Stroke Association"

Do you want me to get some info for you ????

Did they say everything was ok with the original SAH ???

Sorry for all the questions.

Please let me know if I can help ????



No problems after SAH ...apart from memory! GP has been very supportive but not much they can do. Next follow up is due 6minths post TIA. I have read all info from Stroke Association



That's great that you recovered well after your SAH.

Memory tends too be a biggie

That's great too have a good GP.

I'm on my second one who is great.

That's good that you have got a follow up in six mnts.

Did you find the info ok from the Stroke Association ???



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