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Still do believe I have had a tia mini stroke

Hi all this is my first visit here I am 45 years old at thirty I had a heart attack. Then 2 weeks ago I had a tia my symptoms only lasted a few hours and I actually thought I was going to pass out in the first few minutes then I had numbness in my foot arm and face.

That was two weeks ago. At the moment when I am out I feel at times if the world around me is not real this is usually accompanied by dizziness followed by numbness not as if I feel I am going to pass out but still feel a bit odd. I have no speech loss or co ordination loss but still have these feelings I have been put on 300 mg of aspirin for two weeks I also take other meds to lower my cholesterol. My cholesterol is 4.9 thats good plus bad cholesterol which us not bad . But I still can't believe I had a tia . So what I am wondering is what other things can cause this or am I just completely daft and had a tia

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How Alan , I can truly understand how your feeling at the moment , you've had a couple of nasty shocks , it takes it out of you , It's still early days ,

I had a Tia 3 years ago now , & believe me it took months before I got over they initial shock , lm left with a few memory problems, I was diagnosed with a rare blood disease ET , ( result of Tia )

try to find some way of relaxation, I started walking & now I'm doing (Great North Run ) in 5 weeks time ,

I'm Not running it 🏃

I'm doing it for my own charity MPN voice

They've been amazing helping me come to terms with this condition,

I do hope this helps you ,

Take care

From Pam Newcastle upon Tyne . X

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Hi Alan1137, sorry to hear you've had a tia...I think you still need timr to recover as it is still a stroke so maybe it's the after effects. I get episodes 3 months down the line where I feel everything is closing in and I feel like I'm going to die, it's not panic attacks I've since been told by Dr's it could either be fainting episodes but I never faint or it may be seizure activity. However there are many symptoms I still get. So i think everything will just take time to heal and mend.....


I had the same feelings after 2 "funny turns" which the hospital has diagnosed as "suspected TIAs".......they've put me on a statin , an aspirin substitute and a blood pressure medication - even though my blood pressure was normal, cholesterol is normal....CT and MRI scans showed nothing either.

I had exactly that feeling of things feeling unreal and having giddiness. I have now been referred to ENT at my request and am awaiting vestibular tests


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