Is taking Galvus 50 twice a day useful?

I have diabetes Type 2. I was prescribed with Diamorm -M twice a day and Galvus 50 Once a day. At this level, My glycemic readings were Fasting 130 and PP 160 mg/DL. My doctor revised the prescription as Galvus 50 twice a day and dianorm -M twice a day. I have read in these blogs and wiki that Galvus(Vildagliptin) is not useful for administration above or below 50 mg/ day. I there fore want to know whether use of galvus 50 twice a day will be useful. I remember Dr. Promod has advised me to use Vogli/ Voglistar 0.2 mg at night meals.Want to know the maximum dose of vilda gliptin (Galvus/Jalra 50 mg.)

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  • BEST Medicine is FOOD.

    SWITCH to LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET and you may completely go off medicines. Else dose will progressively keep increasing with m ore and more medicine s added to list for other effects.

  • Dear Anup. We have almost similar views on diet matters. But kindly offer your opinion how far an excess dose of vildagliptin (Galvus 50 mg) will be effective as wiki suggests the proper dose is only 50 mg a day, not more or not less than this will be effective. My doctor is authority in Cardiology and diabetes in Channai, but still he has prescribed double the dose that may not be useful as per wiki.

  • Dear Vittalanad,

    Is this of same genre as Jalra M?

    If yes then one of my friend was on this and pioz for well over 8 years. He then switched to LOW CARB Diet nand now he is on 250mg MF SR BID and his PPBS runs in 120-130 range which earlier used to be 170-180.

    My Advise would be CUT DOWN CARBS, walk, drink water, have FAT absed diet and your Galvus etc will be removed and you will be able to manage on plain Metformin.

  • Dear

    Mr. Anup has a point here. Switch to Lchf diet if it is not possible at least switch to Low carb. diet, Use Urad , Moong Dal, Chana, Rajmah, Spinach(Palak), Carrot, etc. Please take time to watch the video of H.Bhaskar of Coimbatore titleled as Naalamu Yoga part 1 to 4. It is narrated in Tamil, and you may not face any difficulty. At least do the exercise and walk, and pranayam daily morning will do the miracles.

  • It's not impossible even for a VEG to live on 110-120gms/day CARBS and rest fat + 15% protien only.

  • yes he is right please contect on phone 9412368394





  • are you saying high fat diet is good

  • Yes ... diabetic s have been living on such diet yer after year all over world with no harm done to heart or LIPIDS. LOW CARB HIGH FAT IS GOOD.

    If you eat 150gms/day carb then forget about LCHF.




  • Jenny Ruhl went off INSULIN by restricting CARBS to 110gms/day .. she is diabeitc since 1998 and is surviving on 110gms carbs/day ... no more than 15% energy from Carbs. ---

    Stay away fro m any doctor or dietician who insists you to take 60% CARBS. They will drive you to more medicines and pills with inflated monthly medical provision bills :)

  • If U have any doubt, please go to another doctor for 2nd opinion.

  • It is better to take second opinion from any other Doctor on this matter.Start Walk.If it is not possible in Morning then please Walk for 30 minutes in evening,as per your comfort.Start from 10 min. and increase the time gradually,this will definitely help in control of diabetes. Anil Verma,09547437705.

  • In this Blog everybody is very generous to advise to take Low Carb High Fat Diet. But nobody specifies which are the items containing LCHF and the quantity to be taken by a diabetic person. Only advices donot help us. Pl name a few ( for example : say rice-50gms, ata-50 gms, oat-25 gms etc).But I feel change in diet and life style certainly promotes controlling Blood Sugar. Expect advise from an experienced doctor.

  • Sir, the food intake depends on one's capacity and body requirement.

    For Breakfast, I take one cup raw Palak Jjuice150 ml. I take paranthas fried in Butter or Desi Ghee. The floor for Paranathas are 1 part wheat floor, and 3 parts Soya been floor, mixed together.along with along with Curd(Dahi). I have stopped taking Tea.

    For Lunch also i take the paranathas with any subji, and tomoto salad.with lassi(namkeen)

    For Dinner I take Chila of moongdal(Chilkawala- unpolished)

    In the evening I take Tea or Coffee with Toast or Biscuits.

    I have just followed this after much thought. The result is fasting sugar level came down from 160-190 to 100 to 125. within a span of two/three days.

    Pp level dropped from 280 to 140/160. Now I have to see how to reduce the medicene.

    I do around 45 to 75 mts of Pranayam and exercise. Evening 20 mts of jogging and exercise.

    After one week I am thinking of consulting my doctor, or my self will reduce the dosage.

    Most important is willingness to change the diet.

    Any clarifications please ask

  • If you can curtail toasts and biscuits your levels will improve further.

    Biscuits and Toasts are all high carb stuff. How about removing them and adding nuts ... peanuts, pine nut, chironji, walnut,almonds for snacks. No CASHEW NUT please.

    Eat lots of butter, full fat cream in soups. People take Coconut oil in Coffee ... yes it's not a joke but they do ... but it is difficult to comprehend by "So called" specialists.

    As you rightly said, there has to be a willingness to change diet and not just willingness but "HAPPY" willingness. Believe me it really Works ... and you are already reaping benefits. I have been a 2 year diabetic with no prescription drugs. My levels are noted in my profile. learned great deal from other diabetic forums who adopt LCHF.

    FAT does no HARM if you are below 110gms CARBS/day.

    My Dinner today was 40CARBS 50FAT 20Protien --so 65% energy from FAT. This is a HIGH FAT DIET ... which some "So Called specialists" seem to ridicule on some personal agenda :D :D

    For designing your diet you don;t need a dotor or a dietician -- compute your values from for all items that you eat ...

  • Thank you Mr Gondu, Let me try to follow your diet for some time. We should take utmost care against this silent killer.Thank you once more.


  • Who says ... LCHF have not caused any issues for diabetics who religiously practice it. It's not hearsay ... I have posted lots and lots of third party forums where diabetics LIVE :)

  • Your sugar level is perfect. Don't change the medicine . You need not to be worried about your sugar level . If possible go for 40 mts brisk walk. Self is suffering from last 20 years & my experience says that Dr;s are basically commercial person.

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