Vitamin K to Prevent Diabetes

In the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition researchers recently reported that a high intake of Vitamin K can cut someone's risk for diabetes by an astonishing 51%. The study (which was conducted over 5 years with participating senior citizens) concluded that with just a 100mcg daily intake of Vitamin K, diabetes risk diminishes. After 5 years, those people that did develop diabetes had significantly lower levels of Vitamin K. While those with the highest levels proved to be diabetes-free.

Visit your local vitamin shop and pick up some diabetes-fighting Vitamin K. Vitamin K is also naturally found in green, leafy vegetables. Enjoy some kale, collards or spinach to get your daily dose!

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  • I have been prohibited to take greens in order to keep my INR No - 2 to 3 as I am on Acitrom Will diabetes effect me if I , maintain my INR No in between 2 to 3 with out taking Greens?

  • what is INR

  • It is called as International Normalised Ratio used in Anticoagulant therapy. Read on Google.

  • good info

  • what is Vitamin K (Name of Tablet)

  • there may be several names you can get from any chemist shop ,but some of vitamins are banned in western countries .It is better if you increase use of green vegetables

  • I am prohibited to take Vitamin- K, as I have to maintain my INR between 2.5-3 by taking & adjusting the Acitrom 4mg -3mg (4-4-3) otherwise it will form blood clot and it can give me a stroke also. This happened when I got a minni stroke during the month of 2012, when my INR was just 1. It was a great mistake on my part to keep the INR just at 1. The stroke was timely attended to and I soon recovered from it but It is more dangerous. I, therefore, can not take any type of greens to reduce Vitamin-K and maintain INR to a higher level of 2.5-3.

  • Yadav5 ---The international normalized ratio (INR) is used to determine the clotting tendency of blood.Diabetics with cardiac problem must maintain their INR under the strict supervision of their physician to avoid complication

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