Foot Care in Diabetes

Foot Care in Diabetes


- Foot problems, hospitalization or infection are preventable

- Regular foot check-ups every year to detect foot problems at an early stage

- Control your diabetes

- Stop smoking/ tobacco/ alcohol

You Should

- Inspect your feet every day if needed use a mirror or ask your family members or friends.

- Report: hard skin, corns, breaks in the skin, infections, colour changes, ulcers.

- Keep feet clean with lukewarm water & soap and dry. If skin is very dry, use creams, if humid, use powder

- Use proper sized cotton socks & change it daily.

- Inspect your shoes ( for crack or foreign body).

- File your nail instead of cutting.

- Walk regularly, thus blood circulation will improve.

- Wear soft, comfortable & well fitting shoes.

- Wear new shoes just for half an hour in the beginning


- Avoid walking barefoot

- Do not apply nail polish and mehndi over toes

- Do not use strong astringent lotions and corn cures

- Save your foot from extremes of temperature (hot or cold)

- Avoid bathroom surgery

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  • kindly advice for amputees with diabetic persons regarding foot wear,

  • diafootcream is available in medicalshop

  • Thanx.Informative advice.

  • Many thanks sir !! keep us updated

  • Thanks for the advice. I am a new Diabetic just got detected a couple of months back and have started pills . I had this numbness between my fingers but no visible damage on my skin . I explained it to my doctor but he did not seem bothered by it . Is it something I should be worried about ? What kind of doctor should I consult? Pardon my ignorance.

  • Many many thanx for ur write -up on Foot Care in Diabetes. I am a diabetic for last 10/12 years, but it is under control. I have got a CORN on my left foot's first finger lower side ( next to foot thumb). How to get rid of it ? Kindly advise.

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