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Do Danurasana and get free from type 2 DIABETICS

While you do Dhanurasana,moving forward and backward your body 8 to 10 times like rocking chair,your weight is gently pressed,massaged the pancreas and other organs.Then the Pancreas will slowly get activated.Have full faith upon this Dhanurasana yoga.While you do dhanurasana,Don"t QUIT your tabs and medicines.If you will do reularly morning and evening before diet,see the result within a month.Not only myself my Friends are get benefit.

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I have been doing dhanurasan alongwith other asanas.Dhanurasan activate your endrocine glands and helps not only in diabetes but other ailments also.A very good suggestion.


how dhanurasan is done.


You flat your body on a mat in the airy space relax,without strain bend your body like (U) shape by using your both hands grab your foots(rocking chair)just gently move your body forward and backward motion.Your stomach only balance on the floor while on motion your body.,Do this morning and evening in empty stomach 6,7 ,8 times as your comffort.


Take methi seeds powder with water in the morning empty stomach.You can get methi powder inthe departmental store.Take weekly thrice avilable veg leaves.


Dear Sri.Venkatesh< How to pull the Ankles away from the Buttocks. It is not clear .Pl draw the position if possible. thankas :: Kannan::


can we have the facebook id of the experienced bloggers contributors.


Excellent information II must say.

Dr S K Kapur


i am heart patint having 3 stent inserted also a diabteic(1 yer over)can i do Dhanurasan ?


Dear Mr Viswanathan

Since you are a heart patient, the first thing that you need to do is to check up with your cardiologist what type of exercise you can do.

From the details that you have given me about you, I would suggest you not to do Dhanur Asan. While Yogasans are an excellent form of exercise, certain specific Yogasans are to be avoided for certain patients. So far as you are concerned, the best form of exercise is walking. It is good not only for your diabetes but also for your heart problem.

You can also practice certain relaxation postures like Anulom Vilom, Bramari, recitation of OM etc. For any doubt, you are welcome to contact me at 08087165511 or 09422315906


Prof. S. Venkatesh


Dear Sri.Venkatesh,

Greetings. Thanks for your response,

My email ID is imbu2008@hotmail.com.

Kindly send me the Pictures of Dhanurasan.

Thanks & Regards,



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