I want to cure my 1 year old baby from Type 1 daibetes

Hello, My baby is only 19 months old and diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (not genetic). I am determined to do whatever I need to cure him completely. His body is still growing and whatever damage was done to his pancreas can be still reversed, so I am convinced.

Please, share with me any knowledge you might have on how to proceed....what homeopatic remedies can I give him. Any other supplements?

Right now he is on a low carb / high fat diet with lots of veggies, and high doses niacinamide. He is very healthy except for the diabetes.

Thank you, Margaux


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  • Dear Margaux76,

    ver unfortunate that u r baby is diagniosed with Type 1 diabetes.

    Don't worry my self being type 1 diabetic since 32 years & living a very happy normal life like others. I take ayurvedic medicines from a local traditional ayurvedic doctor. Pl call me on 9535339225 I will guide you

    K P ravindra Kumar

  • We live in the Philippines. Ayurvedic medicines can be bought online, but what are the dosages for such a small baby?

  • Sorry to say, Diabetes cannot be cured. TYPE 1 will have to be on insulin for life. Low carb high fat diet will help in managing it better. In Type 1, body's defense mechanism attacks the healthy beta cells and kills them. I am talking as a type 2, so my knowledge about type 1 is restricted.

    Dr Richard Bernstein is a Type 1 and he has lot of videos on youtube, including one for Parents of Type 1 diabetics. You can spend some time on them.

  • As commended by Mr Anup Diabetes cannot be cured especially Type 1. My elder son is Type 1 for last 8 years Now he is 18 years old, he use 2 type of insulins 3 times a day. Dont use Ayurvedic medicines this might gud for Type 2. His hospital is Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Center.pl browse on internet

  • Margaux76,

    Find some time to spend on this worthwhile video and learn from the master of Type 1 diabetes management. 70+ years as a Regular insulin injecting Type 1 diabetic. He is DEAD against ADA's recommendation:

  • Thank you for recommending this video, this was SO INFORMATIVE!

    Unbelievable that our endocrinologist would recommend a blood sugar level between 110 to 200 !!! And she said to us, basically "let your kid eat what he wants, let him enjoy as the other kids do, and just inject him insulin accordingly"...!!!!

  • Yes, Dr Bernstein exposes many startling FACTS and the real reason why diabetics are told to maintain criminally HIGH blood sugars. Go through all his videos and you will learn many things. He is also not liked by few persons here. Someone insulted me today just because I quote him :)

  • We had his liver enzymes checked and he is normal. Right now he is undergoing cold laser therapy with lots of supplements. Www.healinglightseminars.com

    After only two treatments we had to half his insulin injections because he is getting hypoglycemia with his usual dose....its agood start....we will see.

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