Dear Friends,

With the onset of summer we have started getting plenty of mangoes in the markets.Reports are that mangoes are going to sell cheap this year because of bumper


Please be careful.Diabetics have to be very very cautious while consuming mangoes in

any form.Many a times fruit merchants suggest to eat one type of mango or the other as

it contains very low sugar and diabetics can consume them.Do not believe and eat them

My experience is post mango seasons the incidence of high diabetes and incidences of diabetes related complications leap up.

So do not consume mangoes casually but with care and caution.


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4 Replies

  • I eat mangoes in form of pureee which is a mix of:

    mango + curd + high fat milk cream

    Go for a 20 min walk 20 min after finishing meals.

    Did this for last 2 days with regular meal of 1 chapati and vegetables and tested PPBS which turned out 148 and 140 which is good enough because my meter reads 15-20 higher than lab.

    So i will enjoy mango this season (like i have been in past seasons also) much in same way.

  • My experience is : I do eat mango for many years. But very very limited. I take only 1 table spoon to satisfy my tong. After all it is mental satisfaction either you eat whole mango or 1/8 part. Once you successful in this, then you can control your eating and diabetics is under control. However every man has identical health and one should adopt what suits him.

  • Yes it's all about portion size and how much of it every individual can tolerate.

  • I too love mangoes but aur bhi gham hain zamaane mae mango ke siva

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