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The Diafoot Diabetic and Orthopedic footwear

The Diafoot Diabetic and Orthopedic footwear

The Best Custom Made Shoes

Your feet are one of the most important yet least cared for parts of your body. You use them for a variety of activities. They carry the weight of your body all day long, logging miles and miles of wear and tear. It's hard to find just the right pair of shoes. You might see the style you like but the comfort factor is totally missing. Perhaps the heel height is great but they're just a bit too narrow. Shopping for shoes is no easy when you need to find the right style, size, shape, and color. The shopping ends at

THE DIAFOOT custom made shoes.

Custom made shoes are hand crafted to fit the unique shape of your foot like a hand fits inside of a glove. Whether you need narrow or wide fitting shoes, cushy or firm, custom made shoes are tailored to fit your feet perfectly. When made properly, custom shoes add support and comfort without sacrificing style. When you order custom made shoes, the exact measurements of your feet are taken and a mould is then made to fit your foot ideally for maximum comfort and support.

While certain quality brand name shoes are not available to order custom made, they do offer various aspects of support that may work for your particular foot and shoe wearing needs. For example, THE DIAFOOT offers an air-cushioned sole that provides extra comfort especially if you're on your feet for long periods of time. Kickers make a wide variety of comfortable shoes in various styles with a chunky sole for added cushioning. Offering both wide and narrow sizes, THE DIAFOOT shoes bring you all day comfort with special adjustable accommodations for all of their shoes. THE DIAFOOT shoes make anatomically flexible foot beds out of durable yet cushioned materials that conform to the contour of your foot. It`s made comfort combined with style and they are number one priority for the customers.

While amenities such as orthotic soles and lifts can add comfort, if a shoe doesn't feel right straightaway, it's not likely to get more comfortable in the future. A broad heel base and supportive sole are key to prevent medical concerns such as bunions, hammer toes, and lower back pain from prolonged standing. Whether you're shopping for mules or boots, a shoe that promotes good posture works wonders not only on your feet but throughout your whole body as well.

We are the Diabetic and orthopedic footwear specialists (men’s executive shoes, walking shoes and sandals for men and women) with many

years of experience making to special requirement for people with a

wide range of orthopedic and medical foot problems. Through orthopedic

footwear we try to control the condition and prevent it from getting


Our aim is to provide you with a footwear solution that is not only

functional for your medical needs but also stylish and attractive.

Common medical conditions we can help

* Diabetic Feet and Orthopedic Foot problems like..,

* Bunions, Cross-Over Toe, Arthritis,

* Metatarsalgia,Flat Feet & Dropped Arches

* Plantar Facilities / Heel Spur

* Corns and Calluses

* Hammer toes

* Illness related problems –, Polio, Paraplegia, Osteoporosis

* Accident damage & post surgery, Swelling of the foot (edema)

* Gout, Ankle Instability, Leg, Equino Foot (Club foot)

* Knee pain , post knee surgery

* Fused ankle joint (post surgery),

Odd shapes & sizes

* Very large or wide feet

* Very small or slender feet

* Length Discrepancy

* Differently sized feet

* Feet that are wide at the front & narrow at the heel

Aching feet or lower limb conditions

* Pain in any area of your feet

* Sore knees & hips

* Back problems

Then well designed and made Diabetic and orthopedic footwear can make

a positive change to your quality of life. If you want to know more

then simply contact us and we can help you to solve your footwear

needs together.

THE DIA FOOT, MV Leather Products # 675A, Ponnai Gounder Street, Near Sengaliyappan Hospital, North Coimbatore, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore -641 002. Tamil Nadu. INDIA. Mobile +91 93666 19191, +91 93600 64446 Landline : 0422 2544405 Email :- thediafoot@gmail.com website thediafoot.com

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