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Why the curve goes down and up again in the morning

In the morning at 4A.M. diebetes is at 89 , at 5.15A.M it is 108 & ar 7.30A.M. it is 152 and even after taking Tea with some walnuts & 1-2 digestive buscuit and medicine Tripride 2 & Jalra -M 50MG/500MG it remains after 2 hours same are slightly less around 140.

Before lunch it is 129 and 2 hours after lunch it is 89 .Before dinner & taking Tripride 2 it is 190 and after medicine Jalra - M 50MG/500Mg & Rozavel 10 2 hours it is 146 at 12.00AM

and in the morning at 4A.M.it comes down to 89 than starts rising till lunch.

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Dear,It is advisable to keep shut instead of answering in foolish way as this is health matter & the site is not meant for jokes to waste time


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