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I am an agent for indus health plus pvt ltd when i joined this health concept and i did mu full body check up and i was on the boundary line of diabetic since than last six years i am on diet and i regularly take dxn coffee which my sugar remain level.So i request all the friend to do their full body check up at least after two to three years and have dxn coffee regularly instead of tea which your sugar will remain normal as per my experience.


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  • What is dxn coffee?I really do not know.

  • is dxn coffe decaffeinated coffe or something else?

  • What is dxn coffee?

  • Guess dxn coffee is decoction coffee!

  • Why not tea ?

  • Dear all

    If this product belongs to "DXN AROUND THE WORLD" under Daehsan Trading (India) Pvt. Ltd. Plesae do not go for it,. some products left with me after taking some days ganoderma rgl and gl I got tremendous alergy got treatment for that by allopathy.

    Please verify from other user and which product ashvek

    I dont know so be careful .

  • I like black coffee made by good coffee seeds powder(daily ground) without sugar .coffee is my weakness and most of the times i get seeds from my daughter who lives in france. I have parculator which gives me a perfect cup of coffee everyday.

  • Dear members

    It is not advisable to go for this or that drinks because some body said so, or u have seen an add.U take only things which are known to you. Do not experiment what u eat/drink. Ask ur doctor about it or ur nutritionist.

  • Doctor/Nutritionist always say one thing .. eat starch/carbs and low fat whereas i eat HIGH FAT diet and less starch/carb ... doctors are not happy with that but once they see reports they keep silent but still shamelessly say i should eat more startch/carbs ...

  • Looks like u know more than the doctors. Good luck if u r a diabatic

  • Yes doing pretty well much against rtheir advise so i guess i know more than them. All those h\who have switched to Low CARB high fat have done pretty well with better control and reduced or eliminated Rx PILLS.

  • It is made from Ganoderma a polypore mushroom grows on wood/trees.There are 80 species also known as reishi. The dried powder is used as coffee to cure many diseases including BS by Chinese with a history of more than 1000 years. In India Murugappa Chettiar Group (Chennai) made a trial on this mushroom.

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