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Lack of Sexual Desire


I have Type II Diabeties and 34 yrs. I controlling it with Diet ,Exercise and take meethi seeds every day in morning.I check regularly and also go for complete body check up .In all test sugar is within limits and H1BAc is around 5.7.Current reading was also 5.7.

But suddenly from 2 weeks my sexual desire is going down and not getting proper erection.

Please suggest ,my sugar levels are within controls as per my reports .are there any test that I can under go identify the exact reasons .

Are there test which can help if I am suffering from Autonomic Neuropathy.


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With your hb1c indicates that your diabetes is in control. Cause of your complaints lies elsewhere

diabites is sweet poision for sex. sex will be weak as time as pass. so take ashavgandha churan and silajeet with milk

May check for B12, D3, K and testosterone levels.

Lack of sexual capability is one of the side effects of diabities. But you seem to be too young for this. I would suggest regular use of cinnamon for better blood circulation.

pl stop meethi seeds ........for 1 week and check it...............since meethi seeds will cool your body that y you have this problem

Very frank spoken

It's every case

Irrespective of their admiring or not

U can go for

! Nice foreplay ..Pls do this for atleast 20 mins

!! Then pls take one sildenafil citrate (man force 50) tablet before atleast 1 hr prior to your play time at bed

!!! Most importantly pls continue not more that 3-7 days with the tablet ( but pls don't take it for days more than prescribd one)

!£ take all ur medicines be atleast 1/2 hrs before man force

Enjoy it partner with the max potential

this is common phenomena fore play is advisible stop thinking over see adult movies if you like but avoid oil/capsules that will make your body weakeruse 'DHOLY MOOSLY 'with milk or in desi gond ke laddo but not sugar in ladoos panchsheel

Generally, they are related to Sugar levels. As they go up, erectile dysfunction, as the sugar levels come down, erection gets better. In most diabetic cases, this is the problem. Hb A1c, not H1bac. That is fine, but check the present glucose level on glucometer.


What is D3,kindly elaborate?

Please stop taking methi seeds for a week

Please describe how do you use and how much "METHI SEED" daily. Avoid Dhaniya (Cilantro).

Satish Sharma Bhaturia

Dear tigerintown sexual desire is not aroused during diabetes either it under contro or not during diabetesdiabetes one is great disorder that is Erectile dysfunction erectile dysfunction once lost never come back in life.

Arrange some romantic session. Read some erotic stories and pron movies. It is more about mood nothing with diabetic. If so far you were not having sexual problem it is your mood only than need to be managed.

pls understand you are too young to have neuro problems .consult sexologist. there are many reasons for decreasing sexual desire ,may be mental, stress, partner issues,physical debilitation etc.

at your age all these can be rectified and you can lead a pleasureful life.pls make it a point to meet specialist.

You are young and your diabetics is in good control.

Sexual desire is more dependent on your mood.

Reduce stress and relax.

2 weeks is not a long time. Lack of sexual desire for some duration is common.

Wait for another 2 weeks. You libido will be normal else contact your doctor

Complications and sexual issues can be avoided by taking proper care of your diabetes. Keep your diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol under control.

Along with properly managing your diabetes, other options for treatment can include: oral medications, including Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra, I resort to buying a through; mechanical methods, such as vacuum pumps and constriction rings; meeting with a mental health professional.

Seek treatment early, once you start noticing problems. Rather than waiting until they become severe, early problems are much easier to treat and are more successfully treated.

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