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Can homeopathy medicines increase sugar levels ???

Hi everyone,

I am a diabetic type 2 for the last 8 months. I recently have started taking homeopathy medicines for the anal fistula. Before starting this treatment, my sugar levels were 100-110/120-130 fasting and post-meal respectively. After starting homeopathy treatment for the said problem, fasting levels are 100-110 but post-meal levels have increased to 160-170 with the same diet regimen. Are these homeopathy medicines (small sweet balls) are causing the levels to go up, especially post-meal as I am taking the homeo meds 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and at night, 10-10 balls every time and there are 3 medicines. When I asked my homeopath about this, he said these small sweet balls are made of goat milk and it has no sugar in it and they use to treat these balls only for treating diabetes (I am not sure about it).

I have taken 2 readings after starting the above homeo treatment and this is making me concerned.

Please advice.

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